PM Imran Orders Removal of Discriminatory Sign Boards at Social Clubs in Islamabad

In an unprecedented move, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the removal of all discriminatory sign-boards and notices from social clubs and other public places that restrict the free movement of domestic servants.

The premier passed the order while chairing a high-level meeting regarding the GSP Plus status of Pakistan. The order will not only end the class-discrimination in such places but will also encourage people to finally break the shackles of our colonial past.

The issue had first emerged in 2017 when a picture of the sign-board at Islamabad Club reading “maids and ayas are not allowed beyond this point” surfaced on social media.

Several social clubs in Islamabad which count among its members’ senior government bureaucrats, politicians and diplomats barred the entry of maids and helpers beyond a certain point.

PM Khan also directed the ministry of Human Rights to take measures to ensure complete elimination of bonded labor from all parts of the country.

The premier ordered the Bureau of Statistics to conduct a survey and collect data about Child labor and subsequently formulate a comprehensive strategy to provide basic facilities and proper education to such children.

The meeting was attended by Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari, Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, and Minister of State for Interior Mr. Shehryar Afridi.

Advisor to PM on Commerce Mr. Abdul Razaq Dawood, Attorney General Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan including other senior officials were also present.

Via: The News

  • Good decision, it takes courage to make one like this, especially in Islamabad, which is known for culture of segregation (Financial status, Job grades, Sectors they reside in and so on).

    • Our society in all cities of our country is segregated sometime it looks fictional but the reality is there ,it must be noted.

      We all must deny and frankly I always break these rules where some people or some rules disregard me.

      We must learn to say no but on credible grounds only.Arguing and making trouble wont solve any mess.

      Crook and crafty must not have any place .

  • The prime minister should know that he is acting like a dictator. A private club has the right, it can make any discriminatory rules it wants.

    If this dictatorial trend continues the prime minister is going intrude into our private lives. His jack booted thugs will be breaking our bed room doors. This has happened already at some Muslim homes, terrifying the children and trifling with the modesty of Muslim women.

    And on the roads where men, women and teenage girls and little children are under threat, have been shot, injured and even and killed under the sham of law enforcement. No one is secure and safe in his fiefdom of Naya Pakistan.

    • Don’t make fool of yourself. Such rules are against society. we should treat each and everyone equally.

    • What a thought process you have … .clearly shows it bias.
      Its a shame that it had to take a PM (who by the way has a functioning brain to take notice of such things, rather than only thinking about his own interests) to take such decision.
      Change doesn’t come overnight, change is a constant evolving process & takes time, so for you Naya Pakistan will start to form a couple of years from now, as now, only the foundations are being rocked.

    • My dearest grandmother (Dadi) was born in 1896. She would tell me how the British in India put signs on their social clubs, « DOGS AND INDIANS NOT ALLOWED ». Are you referring to Pakistani maids and ayas as dogs?

    • No one was safe even before Naya Pakistan but I don’t support that cruelty either.
      Where as your pathetic comment is concerned, it has made things more clear that why at first place that board was installed.
      A person will surely feel when he/she would be asked to stay beyond that point. Have some sense of humanity bro.

    • what a moron @Zafar….. same type of people will joint all the racist rallies abroad and advocate Racism…. what a way to give rights by taking rights…. cant stop laughing at you R U From iNDIA….? they talk like this for us… mostly baseless and terribly fabricated Lies….

  • Good decision.
    I didn’t even know, such sign board exist,
    Whoever did it deserve to get Slap on his face with hammer!

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