First Ever Pak-China Fiber Link Established by Public Sector Company

Today, SCO has added another achievement in its glorious history of about 43 years, when Pak-China Optic Fiber Cable (OFC) link was made operational, carrying commercial traffic from China to international destinations.

The commercial traffic on the recently commissioned link is being carried from Urumqi (China) to Frankfurt (Germany) by the SCO-PTCL consortium.

Pak-China OFC link is the first ever cross-border connectivity established between the two neighboring countries. This is also the very first time when well organized, high capacity cross-border terrestrial connectivity has been established by a public sector organization in Pakistan.

The vital communication link, besides its strategic and socio-economic dimensions, has the potential to carry high volumes of traffic from China to international destinations in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe for which traffic projections are very healthy.

Despite challenges, all members of SCO worked untiringly for timely completion of the one and only ICT project so far planned under the ambit of CPEC.

The successful completion and commissioning of flagship Early Harvest ICT CPEC Project is a testimony to organizational strength and professional acumen of SCO for which all members of the organization deserve appreciation.

  • What will be the impact on common internet user in Pakistan?

    Normal internet traffic will be routed through China?

    Any traceroute available to share ? (Technical question for network guys only)

    • it will be helpful in case of a cable cut undersea and definitely, it will cover the upcoming rapid demand of high-speed internet from new users as well.

  • Congratulations ProPakistani for reporting for the beakthrough 1st Pak China Fiber link by Public Sector SCO, OFC.
    The SCO-PTCL would meet the ITU recommendations a dawn of 5th Generation Broadband in Pakistan which would be put to trails shortly. We also adhere to the recommendations of ITU, Geneva for Zero taxation on internet users in Pakistan, which should be taken very positively by the USF/PTA/FBR that will help the Presidents Iniative of Digitalisaton of Pakistan.
    The presdent policy for taxing the internet by FBR is not justified, and should be abolished, and credited to those who’s already paid.

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