Govt Rejects Subsidy in The New Hajj Policy

The federal government has rolled out the Hajj policy 2019 and has rejected the Islamic council’s recommendations for a subsidy.

The decision to turn down the subsidy was taken in a federal government meeting today.

The government, instead, vowed to provide maximum facilities to Hajjis. To that end, the government will appoint a supervisor who will monitor the entire hajj operation. The officer will be directly accountable to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

During the meeting, the cabinet was told that a total of 184,210 Pakistanis would perform Hajj this year. The application process will begin from 20 February, and 60 percent of the quota would be given to the government and the remaining to private operators.


Govt to Send 10,000 Old Citizens for Hajj Without Lucky Draw

The cabinet was also informed that people of 80 years of age or above will be included in the program without having to enter a draw. This facility will also be available for those who have been unsuccessful in the draw for three consecutive years. The policy has reserved 10,000 seats for senior citizens.

Hajj Expenses Increased by Over 60%

Due to the currency devaluation, hajj expenses have increased significantly. This year, hajj expenses for the northern zone would be Rs. 436,975 and for the southern zone would be Rs. 427,975.

Last year, Hajjis from the northern zone paid Rs. 280,000 and from the southern zone Rs. 270,000. This is a 64 percent and 63 percent increase respectively.

Via: Geo

  • better for a coountry like pakistan in this economic condition to let people pay from their pocket on sacred travel

  • thanks to Asad umer for devaluing the rupee…. it would had been much better if he had just stopped all imports for 1 year to fix the economy instead…..

    • Think Again : If Some One Ask You to Send People for Performaing Umra / Hajj ?
      What’s Your Response ?
      1 Tumhy Q Behjo Tum KIya Lagte Ho Mere
      2 Mere Pas Ghar Chalane K Paise Nahi Hai Umra Kaha Se Karwao

      Second Option Now Have in Government :
      Phir Bhi As Low As Main Even Free Hajj Performing this Year :
      Jo ISHAAQ ka BAAAAP Bhi Nahi Kar Wa Ska AJ TAK

      • Bhai use your brain, soch kr toh bolo kia keh rahe ho, kabhi soch samjah kr toh baat kia kro, baat kia hoti ha aur response kia dete ho

    • Shameful kion? bhai allah ko muh dikhana hai app ney kya kahein ge?

      Rafaqat Ali: hajj pe tou gaya tha lakin pakistan key kharachay pe.

      bhai app hajj pe jaein per mulk ka diwaliya tou na nikalein.

  • حج صاحب استطاعت افراد پہ فرض ہے سبسڈی صرف غریبوں کے لیئے دی جاتی ہے پچھلی حکومت بیت المال کے صدقہ کے پیسوں سے سبسڈی دیتی رہی ہیں

    • and govt thinks all those صاحب استطاعت peoples can bear more than 65 % increase in hajj expenses… really very shameful act of government

  • پچھلی حکومت بیت المال کے صدقہ کے پیسوں سے سبسڈی دیتی رہی ہے اور یہ حکومت بیت المال کے صدقہ کے پیسوں سے تنخواہیں دے رہی ہے.

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