Honda Starts Offering Free Airbag Replacements in Pakistan

There is no denying that Takata airbags have caused a huge controversy in recent times. Following the drama, auto manufacturers have been vigilant when it has come to safety measures.

In a bid to improve the situation and avoid any controversies, many manufacturers are offering free airbag replacements.

Here is a look at the official document unveiled by the company in Pakistan:

Once again, Honda Pakistan is running a campaign to replace the airbags free of cost. The vehicles being offered this free treatment are as following:

Car Name Model(s)
Honda Civic 2006 – 2012
Honda CR-V 2008 – 2011
Honda Accord 2004 – 2012

In order to see whether your car is eligible, you can also visit Honda’s official website for Pakistan. It is essential to be cautious about your safety as airbags play a vital role in preventing serious injuries in case of an accident.

For more information, you can forward your queries to the number given on the official document attached above.

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