PM Orders PTI Senators to Return The Money for Flying Business Class to UK

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his displeasure over two of the ruling party senators opting for business class for their flight to the UK.

The premier also directed them to return the expenditures for their trip. Notably, they were among the 14 senators who had gone to the UK to attend the Kashmir conference being held at the British parliament on the Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Moreover, the said parliamentarians are also members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.


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The senators had stayed at Hotel Park Plaza, Westminster, London. The visiting delegation also included Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Sherry Rehman, Mushahid Hussain Syed, Dr. Asif Kirmani, Nuzhat Sadiq and others.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan and the opposition leaders also attended the conference.

It needs to be mentioned here that this conference is dubbed as one of the biggest conferences on Kashmir ever held in the UK parliament.

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  • I see “Naye Pakistanis” are still doing what “old Pakistanis” used to do. Spending tax payer’s money on commodities again. The PM should not have to point these things out. Shouldn’t this be a part of these so called “Naye Pakistanis”?

      • Where in my comment did I mention Shareef family and what they did and did not do? I know that family is corrupt. I just expected better from this government.

        • Just Wait : Some Month : Our Corrupted Politician Looting a Pakistan Since 35 Years : Right Now PTI Needs time due to lack of money :
          Just Wait & You Will Watch It

          • Charity begins at home honey and Imran Khan alone can not do anything. His cabinet and all the rest are still corrupt evident from this article. Prime example Sheikh Rasheed lmao.

            • I Know : Who’s :Good Person : in Politics :
              PTI Never Can Run Government / Politics Without Experience Political Person :
              ImranKhan Aim “Corruption Free Pakistan & Politician”

              That’s a reason I SAY ” Just Wait ” No One Can Do Anything Good On Urgently.

              • Did you understand what I said? I support Imran Khan and his quest to a corruption free Pakistan but his entire cabinet and the rest of PTI are still the same old politicians who have been “running” this country since decades. Stop being a blind follower and understand the facts.

            • So you believe that he has a chance to stay in government without the support of all the corrupt politicians?? U R a fool then.
              Our system is so corrupt and democracy itself is rotten if the majority of the people are uneducated in a state. He had no option, i repeat to emphasize NO OPTION but to keep them with him.

              • I’m sorry but did I say he could survive without them corrupt politicians? I merely said that they need to be on the same page now that they are finally in power. He can not deliver on the promises when his cabinet is out there doing what they always used to do. THEY NEED TO CHANGE NOW WHEN THE LEADERSHIP IS FINALLY ON THE RIGHT PATH.
                Maybe try and listen to what the other person is saying before calling them a fool and trying to impose your own wisdom. Have a good day.

      • The main issue here is that Imran khan is good, no body is denying that.. but he has filled up his party with leftover lota’s from other parties… My vote went to PTI but that doesn’t mean I should start blindly following them. If they make a mistake, they should be highlighted double out on that because they came into government by making huge claims. Yes change is not urgent, but this use of expenses could’ve been easily avoided..

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