This is the First Pakistani Restaurant in the World to Get a Michelin Star

Dreams do come true. Iron will, steel nerves and dedication to pursue your passion are needed to make your mark. For some, it’s about winning a scholarship, for others, they want to become a successful entrepreneur, celebrities long for an Oscar and chefs’ dream of a Michelin star (or three).

When talking about Michelin stars, it is almost obligatory to touch on a few movies, isn’t it?

The Hundred-Foot Journey portrays the sweet rewards of sticking to your culture and traditions while working hard to achieve your goals. The Burnt, Ratatouille, Chef etc. are also among the list of top movies for foodie movie buffs.

While Michelin star is a little-known award in Pakistan, the top chefs around the country would surely want to get their hands on one. The bad news is that no restaurant in Pakistan has ever achieved the feat. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

A Pakistani restaurant in Hong Kong by the name of New Punjab Club has received its first Michelin star not so long ago. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It would have been even better it the restaurant was in Pakistan.

However, the restaurateur Asim Hussain has managed to win the award for a menu revolving around Punjabi cuisine. Winning the award only after 18 months of starting the restaurant is a proud achievement.

With more than 20 restaurants in his group, Asim believes New Punjab Club to be his most personal project.

We were never trying to win a Michelin star. I was just trying to build a restaurant that represents my cuisine, my culture, my past.

Oh, and the pictures of the fresh tandoori ‘Naans’ and ‘Tikkas’ are mouth-watering, to say the least. Let’s have a look:

Via New Punjab Club
Via New Punjab Club
Via Dawn
Via Dawn
Via Dawn
Via Daily Pakistan

Not just the food, the artwork at the restaurant is typical of Pakistan. Some of the pictures are posted below:

Images via New Punjab Club Facebook Page

Via Samaa

It is indeed something to be proud of for Pakistanis and the food lovers in the country would want to see more Michelin-starred eateries in their own cities.

What are your views about Asim Hussain’s achievement? Let us know in the comments section.

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