Jailed for a Year for Stealing Hens, Man Reaches Out to Supreme Court

A man from Gilgit-Baltistan, who has been languishing in Adyala jail for stealing hens, has moved to the Supreme Court in search of justice.

Mohammad Zahid, who has been suffering in jail since April last year, has submitted a bail plea in the top court.

The police arrested Zahid after his ex-employer lodged an FIR against him, accusing him of stealing 15 hens, a water dispenser and badminton set from his shop in February last year.

The theft took place in February and the report – lacking any substantial proof – was lodged two months and a week after the incident. The police, however, arrested Zahid on the same day and later shifted him to Adyala jail.

Zahid’s bail plea has been rejected by the Islamabad High Court based on the report submitted from the police which termed him a ‘habitual offender.’

But Zahid’s 79-year-old father tells another story. According to him, Zahid was the sole breadwinner for his five children. He went to Sajjad (the employer) for his salary (Rs. 8,000), but he refused to pay, beat him and expelled from shop month before accusing him of the theft.

Zahid’s father, who is currently hospitalized for treatment, claims his son was innocent and was still behind the bars because they had no money to follow the case.

  • Ugly face of our whole system, big thieves roam free with protocols and get bail easily while poor suffers. Shame!

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