KP Police Launches a Personnel Database to Catch Fake Policemen

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police has launched a campaign to collect a database of its personnel for security reasons.

The move was made to efficiently screen out fake cops. In the past, several terrorists have acted as policemen to fool the security agencies.

In this regard, the department has launched “Police Security Clearance Form” to collect the data of police personnel from BS-1 to BS-17 (both executive and ministerial staff). These details are being fed into the database which currently has the data of about 75,000 employees.

Once the process is completed, the department will issue an identity card to all the employees which will help in on spot identification of the personnel via Hand Held Units (HHUs) and online verification.

According to a statement issued from the district police office, the security clearance system was launched because it has become indispensable, due to the ongoing war against terror.

Besides, it will also help the department in upholding transparency and merit in postings, transfers, promotions, training, punishment, and record as well as providing information about rank-wise vacancy position, the statement added.

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