Private Travel Operators Agree to Lower Hajj Package Cost

Following the criticism on PTI government for not providing a subsidy on Hajj 2019, the private travel operators have joined hands to come up with a solution.

According to a local media report, the private travel operators of the country have decided to lower the rates of Hajj package this year, making it affordable for maximum people.

The operators have reportedly decided to keep the cost of the Hajj package at Rs. 380,000 for 2019.

The report further stated that the association of travel operators has lowered their rates to expose government’s claim that increased rates were due to higher taxes and increased exchange rate, besides the increased cost in Saudi Arabia.

“We shall provide cheaper Hajj packages if the government entrusts us with the task,” a representative of the association commented.


Saudi Arabia Increases Prices for Hajj

Hajj Expenses Increased by Over 60%

The government rolled out its Hajj Policy 2019 on January 31st, and it showed a significant increase in the Hajj package under the government scheme.

This year, hajj expenses for the northern zone would be Rs. 436,975 and for the southern zone would be Rs. 427,975.

Last year, Hajjis from the northern zone paid Rs. 280,000 and from the southern zone Rs. 270,000. This is a 64 percent and 63 percent increase respectively.

Via: Tribune

  • Due to Currency :

    South Zone Package PKR 280,000
    1 Riyal = 27 Rupee Ka tha
    Yani 10,370 Riyal

    South Zone Package PKR 427,000
    1 Riyal = 36.65 Rupee Ka Hai
    Yani 11,650 Riyal

    Difference 1280 Riyal = PKR 46,912

    Bat Hai Samajhne Ki

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