Social Media Isn’t Happy with Faisal Vawda’s Entry in a Yellow Sports Car

Amid all the austerity measures, Federal Minister Faisal Vawda has stirred the social media, making a swanky entry in his yellow sports car for the sending off ceremony of Karachi Kings.

Earlier, the minister caught the spotlight for his bullet-proof costume during the horrendous Chinese consulate attack. His love for bikes and cars is a known phenomenon, however, his entry irked the social media which sprung into action, bashing the minister. Others loved his style.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at how the Twitterati are expressing their views about the matter.

A legit question.

A blatant show of wealth.


A class apart.

It sure wasn’t a film shoot.

These fan base memes are lit.

Not sure about the numbers and the claims, but, freedom of speech…

No comments.

Peeli taxi.

Wait, what!

Featured image via [email protected]fearlesslytrue

What are your views about the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • everyone saying stop using tax payers money as if this guy has been in govt before. Patwari mindset. he is a rich person anyways.

    • ankhain khol kr dekho andhon, itni costly car, I am sure without paying any duty.
      pata kuch nhe bs andhon ki trha har kisi ko patwari ka tag laga do

  • He Is Richie Rich Man : Aur Koi PM Nahi hai Jo Patwari Itna Chilla Rahy hai :
    Sub Ki Apni Apni Life hai :

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