Prime Minister Orders CDA to Devise a Strategy for Building Skyscrapers

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Tuesday, directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to review its policy regarding the construction of skyscrapers in Islamabad.

He issued the directives while chairing a meeting on the Construction of High Rise Buildings in Islamabad at PM’s Office.

PM Khan gave a ten-day deadline to the CDA chairman and asked him to prepare rules and regulations for converting the buildings to skyscrapers.

He urged the CDA to review its policies about high-rise buildings and directed the development authority to present a comprehensive plan for the approval of such construction projects.

He also ordered a ban on multistory buildings in sensitive areas of Islamabad.


Half of the High-Rise Buildings in Karachi Are Illegal: Sindh Minister

The premier ordered the CDA to take preemptive measures to secure the greenbelt of the federal capital amid rising population.

It should be mentioned here that the former Chief Justice, Justice (retd) Saqib Nisar, had also reversed his restraining order against the construction of skyscrapers in Karachi and ordered that new buildings with more than six stories can be built as per the relevant building laws.

He had previously ruled to remove all the high-rise buildings built on illegal land.

  • engineers ki tankhua 15-18k max and is committee main bhi koi engineer ni bethaya hoga… itne main or is soratehal main to margala towers hi ban sakte hn.
    very sory to say

  • Skyscrapers exceeding Centaurus height are not the need of time. What is needed is high-rise (15-25 floor) apartment buildings in all localities of Islamabad to bring down housing crisis arising due to excessive rents and property ownership/purchase costs.

    This would help bring down rents while also enabling CDA to earn rent from such buildings which it makes and also provide a pricing floor for the market.

  • good initiative, but the permission must be given to CDA residential/Sectors areas plots as ground +3 stories to overcome the shortage of houses and excessive Rents in Islamabad.

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