3P Learning to Organize “The Taken for Granted” Conference in Lahore

3P Learning, in collaboration with Kingston College, is organizing Love Learning Conference (LLC) 2019 on February 16, 2019 in Lahore with the theme “The Taken For Granted” with an exclusive audience of more than 200 K-12 teachers and educators.

LLC (a non-profit initiative of 3P Learning Pakistan) aims to cultivate a rich learning environment, where schools, educators, families, an almost anyone who wants gets an opportunity to engage with top mentors and “Love Learning”.

We are proud to be inspiring K-12 teachers and educators in reimagining teaching and learning as well as empowering students for life for the past 5 years

The conference will be attended by leading educationists and professionals which includes Mr. Abbas Husain, Ms. Tina Hameed, Dr. Rukhsana Zia, Ms. Marvi Khan, Dr. Fareeha Zafar, Mr. Waleed Iqbal, Mr. Attique Ahmed, Ms. Naila Farrukh and a few more will be mentoring the delegates.

3P Learning is committed to cultivating a rich learning environment and giving delegates direct access to industry thought leaders and access to expertise, analysis and emerging trends in education and edTech through thought-provoking sessions and discussions.

With the Love Learning Conference, you can challenge your perspective of teaching and learning. Equip yourself with ideas and strategies to make a difference in your classroom.

The conference is aimed at inspiring teachers and educators to think differently and creatively about teaching and learning. The Theme of the conference ‘The Taken For Granted’ is to raise the apprehended taboos in education. Many pieces of research show how we can’t even facilitate basic learning without consideration of how a brain and body work and addressing the very basic need and nature of human existence.

We are Pakistan team of 3P Learning, Australia, which is the global leader in online education market. Our suite of learning resources is designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy and e-safety.