Harbhajan Singh Asks India to Boycott Upcoming World Cup Matches Against Pakistan

One of India’s most prominent cricketers of the past, Harbhajan Singh, has asked India to boycott their matches against Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup as a protest to the Kashmir attack.

The Indian media and government has accused Pakistan for supporting the attack which claimed the lives of more than 40 innocent people. Pakistan quickly denied any involvement but that has gone unnoticed.

Harbhajan Singh voiced his opinion regarding the matter and made some shocking statements. He said:

There is no need for any relations with Pakistan, let alone cricket.

Don’t play the World Cup match with Pakistan on June 16 — country comes first for all of us and we are all standing with our forces. Pakistan has been promoting cross-border terrorism and this attack was unbelievably shocking.

India are one of the favorites to lift the World Cup trophy but not playing Pakistan would mean that they would have to forfeit the match points if they boycott the group fixtures to be played in Manchester.

I don’t care about losing points as the Indian team is powerful enough to win the World Cup without playing Pakistan.

What do you make of Harbhajan’s comments? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • India are one of the favorites to life the World Cup – Incorrect
    India are one of the favorites to lift the World Cup – Correct

  • This attack is no joke, more than 40 families are suffering, Pakistan never ever support terrorism. Working together and believing every life as our own will let us solve the issues.

  • There are only two options the Indians like the most to utilize when time comes,blame Pakistan for any incident that happens against there interest….and not to play cricket with Pakistan….why only cricket…never heard not to play hockey,volleyball,kabadi,etc etc

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