Javed Miandad Wants PCB to Continue Department Cricket

Legendary batsman Javed Miandad has urged Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) not to discontinue department cricket as it creates regular employment for talented cricketers.

He made these remarks while talking to the media on Monday.

He said that he and the players of his time learned a lot playing departmental cricket and now was the time for the young lot to go through the process.

“On top of that, the department cricket provides our talented cricketers a mean of earning a livelihood with which they can [financially] support their family,” Miandad added.

He added that while regional cricket associations have fallen to corruption, the departments are still managing their teams under a proper system which helps groom talented cricketers across the country.

“If our cricketers are unemployed, the regional associations, as compared to the departments, do not have [enough] competent individuals to run their affairs on merit and to provide a decent standard of life to the players,” Miandad underlined.

It is pertinent to mention here that the PCB has decided to introduce a new domestic cricket structure in which departments won’t field their teams in first-class cricket — they will instead sponsor a region.

The move is feared to leave hundreds of local cricketers unemployed.

Miandad feared that the new domestic system will soon start to show the adverse effects – and regional associations will fall under the influence of powerful people, which will kill the merit eventually.

He also emphasized that all the talented cricketers do not find their way into regional teams. Therefore, departmental cricket should be kept functional to entertain the maximum number of capable cricketers giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills in national-level competitions and claim places in the national team.

Via: Dawn

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