JS Bank’s Mobile App Makes Banking More Fun

In today’s world, we have an app for everything. Unfortunately, there’s been little to no focus on the quality of banking apps in Pakistan. However, not only is JS Bank among those who have proper online banking, but its app is also among the best and most useful ones.

JS Bank’s mobile application can make your banking experience smoother, faster and better, be it paying the bills or enjoying discounts for being a JS Bank account holder.

Even simple things related to banking are a hassle for everyone. From transferring money to paying the bills (easier said than done), now you can procrastinate all you want. No more standing in line at the bank for bill payments. Now you can do it all using your JS Bank app.

The JS Bank app not only lets you pay your bills from the comfort of your office chair but for those of us that forget when the last date is (that’s all of us, don’t deny it) payments can be scheduled from the app. This way your bills are paid on time whether you remember or don’t.

The scheduling feature can also be used to plan daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual payments.

This doesn’t just apply to utility bills. Any linked account can be used for prepaid mobile bills, mobile postpaid bills, Internet service provider payments, and the bank’s credit card bills.

Personalize Payments

The JS Bank app also has personalized themes. You can customize the app to do what you need it to do. Since you can personalize the app, it lets you curate the experience based on your needs. This way the app can be used for a variety of tasks, including easy money transfers.

In the age of digital banking, most people will suggest internet-banking. The thing is, most people don’t have a laptop or desktop PC with them, most of the time. We all have our phones with us 24/7, which is why a mobile app is better. Banks are closed on weekends but your phone and the app are still up and running.

Love Looks Like Discounts

While this personalization includes scheduling payments, setting reminders, there are also discounts.

Discounts, of course, are based on your location. And since these are meant to be shared like kindness, JS Bank app allows push notifications for discounts (which you can turn off if you think it’s annoying) near you. As if discount details aren’t enough, the app will give you directions to the place as well. You can get directions from your current location to the selected merchant from within the app.

  • JS Bank ka CC tou add nahi ho saktaa as beneficiary how come they are at the best…. still paying its Credit card bill manually via bank….

  • Useless article. I am enjoying all these facilities with UBL App since 2012. What is point of posting this article when every Bank is providing these facilities.

  • Fazool app hy…. ye sari facilities sary bank dy rhy hain aur hbl ubl sc ki apps un sy bhot achi hain

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