Shocking: Islamabad-based Restaurant Under Fire for Using Same Broom for Cleaning Cooking Utensils and Floor

I was a fan of roadside dhabas and small restaurants until I saw this video being circulated over different social media platforms.

Parathas would never be the same.

A janitor can be seen cleaning the tawa with a broom late at night. Later on, he uses the same broom to swab the floor. All this was being done when there were no customers around however, a passerby noticed the unhygienic practice and recorded the video. And it is disgusting, to say the least.

Why on earth would you clean it with something that you use to clean the dirty floors, even washrooms, who knows?

Even if it’s a small restaurant – by the way, its name is Khan Restaurant, located in F-11 Markaz, Islamabad – there can be no compromise on the hygiene.

The indifference of the man sweeping the tawa which is used for making Parathas and eggs for your delicious morning breakfast is appalling.

Conclusion: Stick to your ghar ka khana.

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Feature Writer

        • Why target any city at all? This could happen anywhere in Pakistan or this might be happening at so many places.
          Also, just because it’s happening in one dhaaba, it doesn’t mean that all the dhaabas would be doing the same.
          Not all five fingers are alike. Use common sense and in worst case, keep Flagyl close. ;)

    • 10/10 bro. 0 common sense apparently. Do you assume that its only Pathans who are doing this practice? greed knows no boundaries. For all you know, it could be the same or worse in other restaurants run by punjabis or sindhis or people from gilgit for that matter. refrain from posting such senseless and illogical comments.

      Note: I am a punjabi but what is wrong, is wrong.

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