Auto Industry Opposes Govt’s New Unrestricted Policies for Electric Vehicles

Sources from the Engineering Development Board (EDB) have confirmed that the auto industry is opposing the unrestricted incentives provided to the Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the country. They claim that investors can misuse the incentives and damage the whole industry.

This has been revealed at a time when several EV investors have shown interest in the Pakistani market after the government’s new policies on EVs.

EVs have gathered a lot of interest from investors in Pakistan but the EDB has started opposing the idea of unrestricted incentives for such vehicles.

During a meeting held by the Ministry of Industries and Production, the EDB members claimed that providing unrestricted incentives is not only risky but an unsustainable model in the longer run.

The EDB requested all the participants of the meeting to share proposals regarding EVs to “formulate policy framework for companies which aspire to bring EVs.”

Participants argued that since EVs have the same parts as the fuel cars, incentives should only be given to the battery and not the whole vehicle. They stated that this could hurt the part localization segment of the auto industry.

A source close to the matter revealed:

There was a concern shared in the meeting that this new category may become an avenue to import parts and vehicles at next to no tariff and turn the industry upside down.

Some members also argued that the definition of EVs, semi-EVs and hybrid vehicles needs to be well defined, beyond any doubt.

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  • i bet the opponents are the SAME companies who looted the country for 30 years or so !

    they should SUCK IT UP and get ready to compete with better yet more economically feasible alternatives.

  • As every one may know the future is EV cars . Plz do not mix up the hybrid or sami ev . I Pakistan so for no Import of 100 % electric car and so far I know no policy.
    In the world the maximum rebate discount no custom or any other taxes even not the toll taxes
    My request is let the new technology come in the contry thanx.

  • EV is the future.
    Yes offcorse they will oppose because of their monopoly. Like mehran. Cultus and same old boring toyota corolla.

  • Practically speaking, chances of mainstreaming EV Vehicles any time soon are slim considering the quality of electricity distribution networks in Pakistan. Imagine almost every house requiring additional electric supply of 8-10 KW of overnight (8 hours) charging load to fully charge a small size EV. So we are stuck with traditional cars for some time to come. Our best hope is Pluggin Hybrids.

  • Why wouldn’t they be concerned, auto industry is like a cash cow for the industrialists, and they don’t want any competition in the market.

  • yeah most probably napak suzuki having a tough time in the market with things going against them these days..

  • Fossil fuel is not only dangerous for human life/health but also warming glob through green house gases and polluted the air. Nation needs the clean and friendly energy for the future generations and economical transportation. Govt should promote EVs by every aspects and facilitate the user and producers by giving incentives of taxes and duties as well as reduce the trade deficit.

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