#IndiaAgainstTreePlantation: Twitter is Having a Lot of Fun With India’s “Air Strike”

India’s war hysteria is at its peak, or their government is portraying as such.

Pakistan has already warned the war-mongers against any misadventures, however, the air strike, which is backed by zero evidence, is making the headlines in India and Pakistan.

And guess what! Indians are over the moon with the bravery of their pilots who fled after entering 4-5 kilometers into the Pakistani airspace following the response from the Pakistan Air Force.

While India claims to have destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammad camps in Balakot (in a parallel universe), the Pakistanis are grieved at the loss of precious trees.

Pakistan plans on planting billions of trees and Indian warplanes destroyed 10-15 trees. Now, this is something Pakistanis cannot tolerate and the campaign against India, #IndiaAgainstTreePlantation is getting stronger by the hour.

Let’s have a look at how the Pakistanis are trolling India.

We all need to plant more trees.

9th generation warfare.


Indian contribution to global warming is great.


Surgical Strike 2.0.

Killing trees.


Camouflaged camps. Can’t you see?


Another mega tree plantation project on the cards.

Knock knock.


Stop destroying our trees.

A valiant fighter pilot.

This meme is lit.


Another video evidence found.



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