Meet the 26 New Startups at NIC Islamabad

A new generation of 26 startups working in diverse fields of Fin-Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Ed-Tech,Health and Welfare, Agriculture, Augmented and Virtual reality and E-commerce, Big Data have been accepted at the National Incubation Center, Islamabad. 

Over 700 startups from across the country were considered with 120 making it to screening and interview stage. 

Many of the start-up founders in the fifth cohort are led by women entrepreneurs and many founders’ hail from different areas of the country like Sialkot, Swabi, Waziristan, Charsadda and Mardan.

Here are the 26 startups at NIC Islamabad and a short description of what they do:


Plantiza aims to create an online market place for plants. The core idea is to create a digital market place for space owners to explore a wide range of plants with respective availability/pricing, engage skilled services and select plants with huge health benefits.

Pharma Trax

Pharma Trax has created a one-stop solution for tracking, tracing and verifying pharmaceutical products.


Team PakStockPhoto is creating Pakistan’s version of shutter stock giving the creative world access to affordable and high-quality stock images related to Pakistan


Legalight is a legal services website that provides access to ;egal assistance and connects customers with attorneys.


Snapthat is building a search platform focused on fashion clothing. It will be an AI-powered search engine which provides a personalized experience for customers. is a social impact startup working to achieve one of the major UN SDG goals. Their idea is to convert plastic waste into LPG and provide clean and affordable fuel to small industries.

Geothermal cooling

Geothermal cooling has developed an indigenous low-cost mechanism for utilizing the cooler temperature underground and hence decreasing the air conditioning cost.

Time & Tune Logistics

Time & Tune Logistics is digitizing the truck delivery system. Their aim is to use the shared economy model to bring the user and the driver on the same platform.


Eventia is creating a SAAS based web and mobile application from where event venues such as wedding halls can manage their bookings, payments, and inventory in an easy to use and efficient manner.


Kardaan is a digital platform that connects professional Service Providers (Skilled Handymen/ workforce) and the users that need specific services for their homes, offices or at any other location. is an Out of Home (OOH) advertising medium that connects the car owners with advertisers. The idea is to offer the most inexpensive form of print media advertisement with maximum viewer count and impressions.


WEBDOC is an app-based platform which connects patients with PMDC certified doctors at any time and from anywhere.


mimAR is introducing augmented reality technology to the construction business. Their aim is to let the client view their design on the site through an AR-based platform.


Xylexa developing an AI-enabled Computer-aided Diagnostics (CADx) platform to assist caregivers with automated, accurate, timely and cost-effective medical image diagnosis.


Menerva is a smart shape-wear (bra) with multiple sensors to detect breast cancer.

SMT Startup

SMT provides online self-management training to people with physical disabilities so they can live a healthy, long & independent life.


CelloServe has developed an algorithm to get analytics from videos and images. The startup aims to become the biggest exporter of AI technology from Pakistan.  

Ingrum ID

Ingrum ID is an Application that allows you to instantly share all of your contact details by just one tap. The startup has created all in one purpose app that makes sharing contacts easy and fun to use. is an online platform that provides one place for all ranges of local and imported Fruits, Vegetables, Staples, and Spices.

Design It

Design It is a real-time IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) based monitoring system that collects data and readings from an assembly line or a process line through deployed sensors.


Drayfus is a modern talent hiring and development platform specifically for startups. The founders are focusing on connecting the right skill-set with the right job.


This application enables housewives and other women to sell home-made food by getting registered on their application.


PakTouring is travel and tours startup that aims is to provide experience and impact-oriented tours and connect the local community with the travelers.

Oxbridge Innovative Solutions

Oxbridge innovative Solutions is promoting a hands-on approach to teaching and learning of STEM related subjects within the confines of the national curriculum in schools.


Yneer is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers with travelers coming from abroad. This idea is initially implemented as a web application.


WAyKEy is Wearable Wrist Band that predicts the Fatigue Level of drivers and generates a pre-alert before the driver sleeps.

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