Electricity Bill Collection Increased to Rs. 243.6 Billion During the Last Three Months

The government has managed to collect Rs. 243.642 billion in electricity bills for the past three months (Nov-Jan). This figure marks a 19 percent year-on-year increase.

This increase in the power sector’s collection can be attributed to a number of factors including a recovery drive, tariff hike, and fuel price adjustment.

The power sector’s collection increased to Rs. 244 billion from Rs. 203.953 billion in the same period last year. The revelation has come in a Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) meeting presided over by Finance Minister Asad Umar.


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As per the details, the tariff increase resulted in an Rs. 16 billion increase in the revenue and Rs. 13 billion came from improved recovery. Whereas, Rs. 6 billion came from reduced losses and Rs. 4.3 billion was saved from fuel price adjustments.

In January, the collection of the power sector was recorded at Rs. 74.778 billion, which is way higher than last year’s Rs. 64.132 billion in the same month last year.

In December, the amount was Rs. 78.085 billion while the last year’s collection amounted to Rs. 61.959 billion. The collections amounted to Rs. 90.779 billion in November 2018 as compared to last year’s Rs. 77.862 billion.

Moreover, around 20,712 FIRs were registered and 1,909 individuals were arrested between October 13, 2018, and February 22, 2019, for power theft.

Via: TheNews