Exclusive Interview With Syed Shahzad Shah, EVP Marketing & Corporate Communication at PTCL

PTCL remains the most widespread and easily accessible broadband service provider in Pakistan, providing services to rural and urban areas of the country.

In a bid to improve the image of the company, PTCL recently upgraded its infrastructure in many major cities and towns and introduced higher bandwidth packages for home consumers backed by a more robust network.

We sat down with the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication at PTCL, Syed Shehzad Shah, and he explained the company’s marketing plans for future products and how PTCL is leveraging its strengths in the market to further its growth and proliferation in the Pakistani market and how the company is thriving in an age where being connected has become a basic necessity for most people.

  • It’s really heartening knowing consideration when the regulator licensed several companies to adhere transparency in the FTTH sector as G-Pon connection, which was promoted last month. Suggest to please comply the targets targeted from ITU, as waiver of Federal taxes on fix broadband likely considered by FBR and the USF, which would enhance your enablement for Broadband for Pakistan per Millenium Development Goals. FTTH should be offered to fix broadband users by GPon which is not considered with the spirit of the ITU.

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