The Destroyed Indian Jets Were Worth Over $47 Million

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had shot down an Indian MiG21 fighter jet and a Mi-17 V5 helicopter during short aerial engagements on Wednesday.

Pakistan responded befittingly to the misadventure of its neighbor that happens to have the second largest army in the world.  Along with that, it managed to inflict a loss of around $47 million or Rs.6.539 billion within a few minutes to its adversary.

The price of a Mi-17 V5 helicopter roughly stands at about $25 million (PKR 3.478 billion). The price estimate can be extracted through the India media reports regarding the Indian acquisition of 21 used MiG-29 combat planes from Russia.


PAF Shoots Down Two Indian Jets; Captures Two Pilots Alive [Updated]

Also, Mi-17 V5 helicopter’s per unit price, as quoted by Russia to India in 2015, was around $22 million or PKR 3.061 billion.

As for the current per unit cost of a MiG 21 fighter jet, it is difficult to assess. Originating from the “Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau” of the then Soviet Union, Russia had stopped manufacturing this aircraft in 1985. However, India continues to operate the upgraded variants of this aircraft.

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  • 47 Million USD are equal to 6.53 billion PKR not 65.3 billion. A billion is consisted of 1000 millions not 100 millions.

    • An American billion is different from a British billion by a factor of ten, so the article is correct since the version of billion was not mentioned. As always, Americans like doing things differently from the rest of the world.

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