OCAC Approves Handing Over Petroleum Depots to Armed Forces

Given the uncertainty regarding the country’s security, the Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) has given a go-ahead to handing over the petroleum deports to the armed forces.

This step has been taken to ensure that the armed forces meet their fuel needs in case of emergency, i.e., a possible war with India. According to the available sources, oil refineries have been directed to refine additional jet fuel and high-speed diesel (HSD) to satisfy the fuel needs of the forces in case of any eventuality.

Moreover, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has instructed its dealers to maintain fuel stocks along with starting a 24-hour supply from oil depots. The said decisions were made during an OCAC meeting at the Petroleum Division.


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The OCAC meeting was attended by officials from the energy ministry, defense ministry, oil companies, and oil refineries, etc. The meeting was apprised that the available storage of petroleum products in the country is enough to meet the forces’ fuel needs for over a month.

Moreover, it was told that the supply of additional petrol, jet fuel, and diesel can be ensured by refining crude oil through local oil refineries.

The officials pledged that all companies are ready to cooperate with the armed forces to defeat the enemy and to safeguard the motherland.

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