Martin Kobler Announces Retirement & Pakistanis Are Broken Up About It

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler, has announced that he is retiring soon. He has been serving as Germany’s envoy to Pakistan since 2017.

In a relatively short span of time, the career diplomat has become a heartthrob of Pakistan, winning hearts and engaging with the locals while promoting the culture of Pakistan, especially through social media.

“Feel already sad going on retirement soon”, he said, asking his fans what his backup plans should be, in his usual jolly manner.

“What do you guys think? Shouldn’t I prepare a backup plan after retirement and help with halwa production?”

He made the announcement in a unique manner, something he is known for in Pakistan, sharing his picture in a halwa shop in Lodhran.

The Pakistanis on social media have already awarded him the status of the best ever ambassador to Pakistan.

From truck art on his foxy and bicycles to promoting Pakistan Post, spreading awareness regarding the severe water crisis to urging his country’s airlines to start their operations in Pakistan, Martin Kobler’s efforts have been incredible. He has also been an advocate of clean Pakistan campaigns.

The Twitterati have expressed their love for the German Ambassador while wishing him luck for his future endeavors.

People are sad already.

Always welcome.

That’s how an ambassador should be.

You rule our hearts.

Get an extension, please.

Another role, perhaps?

He needs to be awarded honorary Pakistani citizenship.

It will be hard to replace Kobler.

Your efforts will not be forgotten.

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