Here’s a Look at Martin Kobler’s Colorful Career in Pakistan [Pictures]

Martin Kobler needs no introduction and by now, he lives in the hearts of Pakistanis.

His fun-loving nature and willingness to interact with the locals all across the country has made him a celebrity. He knows more about our culture and local items than most of us and his efforts to promote Pakistani culture are worth appreciation.

He may be Germany’s Ambassador to Pakistan but he has been hailed as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the rest of the world.

His retirement sounds a little too early as Pakistanis love every single one of his tweets and await his visits to local shops and cities to see the pictures.

With him retiring soon, let’s revisit some of the pictures from his stay in Pakistan.

Dr. Ruth Pfau, who devoted her life fighting for leprosy in Pakistan, died on 10 August 2017. Martin Kobler attended her funeral at St. Patricks Cathedral.

Moved by the motto of Dr. Ruth Pfau: “It is better to light one candle than to curse the dark.”
EidulAdha Mubarak! I gave our guards of the frontier constabulary a sheep to thank them for their great work.
Next stop Gujranwala. Traveling by train is great to see the country and I finally found some time to study Urdu on the way.
Just had a stroll over a small market in Lahore and bought some bananas. Pakistani fruits are truly delicious!
Just attended the border closing ceremony @ Wagah border. Thanks to the Pakistani rangers for the warm welcome.
My friend Friedrich traveled all the way from Germany to Pakistan on his motorbike. had a wonderful lunch listening to his travel stories.
Went for a stroll around the wonderful old town of Peshawar. Saw a barber in one of the streets and got my hair cut by a talented young guy.
Meeting with FATA tribal leaders in Peshawar. Great to see their sense of responsibility for their communities. We continue our support.
Finally found some time to go shopping for real Pakistani clothes. I could really get used to wearing the comfortable shalwar kameez!
I really enjoy talking with the people on the markets. it is a great way to get to know a country better.
After the horrendous attack on a shrine in Balochistan last week I visited a Sufi shrine to pay tribute to the memory of the victims.
تقافت کو محفوظ رکھنے کے بہترین طریقے! اسکول اور عجائب گھر نئ نسل کو کیلاش کے رسم و رواج سے متعارف کرانے میں اہم کردار ادا کر رہے ہیں
Celebrating Diwali! thanks to the Hindu community in Rawalpindi for inviting me and showing me their festival of lights.
Did you recognise me? I was dressed like Santa Clause during our Christmas Bazaar. Thanks to all guests and the embassy’s staff members for making this such a wonderful event!
Impressive victory!! Look how I went to the office today ? congratulations team #Pakistan! ??? #ENGvPAK
Wow what a great start of the #ENGvPAK test!! Amazing bowling! Hope they keep performing like that and win the test. here’s a photo of my last trip to the national cricket academy. always cheering for team #Pakistan ???
WOW ? finally the wait is over. I love my new foxy with the #truckart design! such an amazing combination of a german car and a Pakistani design!! Isn’t it beautiful?? What do you think?
Here it is!! My pakistani bicycle is ready with amazing truck art. Haha, love it now more ?. Rode it in the streets of Pindi. feels great! Horn also works, in case you are wondering?
Let me know what do you think of colors?
Great to hear that Pakistan Post has become reliable & delivers fast now. so just sent a small gift to my family in Berlin. thank you for the service and friendly staff at the post office.

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