DG ISPR Requests PSL Fans to Keep Sports Beyond Politics [Reactions]

Pakistani cricket fans have been campaigning to wear Army caps in PSL final in response to Indian team’s tribute to their army.

This could have been a befitting response to India, however, the DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor has advised against it, saying that ‘sports are beyond politics’. By displaying true professionalism, the Pakistani armed forces have yet again taken the moral high ground.

The head of armed forces media wing took to Twitter to acknowledge the nation’s love for their army.

He further added that ‘our bondage is beyond such gestures alone’.

In another tweet from his personal account, Asif Ghafoor shared an image comparing 2009 with 2019., attributing the successful return of cricket to the ‘unwavering support of the resilient Pakistani Nation for their Armed Forces & LEAs’.

Social media is all praise for the military’s stance and everyone is sharing their views on the matter.


A number of Pakistanis are still insisting on paying tribute to the army.


Perfectly summed up.

Indians will be regretting their move.

Very unlike India.


United we stand.


Law enforcement agencies and armed forces have a huge role in bringing cricket back.

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