Careem Bike’s Latest Viral Promo is Getting Everyone Talking

Careem have been known for their eye-catching marketing that sheds light on social aspects of Pakistan; from bringing rishta aunties to encouraging people to read with free books and even bringing Eid-ul-Azha’s sacrificial animals to your doorstep, Careem has done it all!

Their latest campaign has gotten everyone talking with the ride-sharing company taking on societal norms and giving them a Careem twist; the campaign focuses on the Careem Bike category –see for yourself below:

This one is our favorite, no matter what the situation but trust Pakistanis to come up with the best joke around; this one takes aim at the recent India-Pakistan tensions and fires away with a pun at the Wing Commander Abhinandan, who was captured by the Pakistan army before being released back to India

Every desi at one point in their life has been at the receiving end of their amma’s chittar, the chittar has shaped millions of lives and will probably keep shaping them in the future but now Careem has the answer; just order the Careem bike and avoid the chittar radar for a few hours till things cool down.

The dreaded words that have come out of a darzi’s mouth “Maaf kardein, Baji” and “Bas aek din aur dey dain, Baji! Pakka kal suit ready hoga” but now, you don’t have to say them! Just order the Careem bike to escape saying them or to maximize damage, order a bike, say these words and escape!

There is no better feeling than going to the washroom at your own place but you can’t take it everywhere with you but with Careem bike, you can be within range when you need to go –cause you gotta go when you gotta go.

This one is slightly tricky and might need you to have a second phone on yourself in case the first one gets stolen and if you do have one, just order a Careem and chase that thief down.

  • Careem is getting pethatic. They do not pay drivers decently if we pay from wallet. Yesterday my driver was almost weeping when he came to know i m paying from wallet.

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