This Parkour Guy from Quetta is Turning Heads in Pakistan

Parkour freerunning is a well-known activity across the globe, however, you don’t see it often in Pakistan.

Watching parkour freerunners do what they do is truly mesmerizing. Shar Hussain, who hails from Quetta, does wonders when he displays his skills. The sad part is, there is not much recognition for such talents in Pakistan, is there?

Currently living in Lahore, Hussain has quite a few tricks to leave the watches awe-struck.

Without further ado, let’s watch him in action.

Get him into the movies already! These are the kind of tricks that you get to see in the top Hollywood movies. Why not give him a role to play in the Pakistani action movies and make the action look more close-to-reality?

Let’s have a look at some more of his videos.

I have already pulled a muscle or two just by looking at what he does.

The guy deserves recognition and a platform where he can showcase his skills. While many of us have never tried such adventure sports, Shar Hussain has dared to be different and he deserves all the appreciation for adopting a profession that is very less known in our society.

Feature Writer