HP’s New Reverb VR Headset is the Best You Can Buy

In its Reinvent Global partner event, HP revealed its new Virtual reality headset: HP Reverb Pro edition.

The announcement of this headset marks the start of second-generation VR headsets. HP isn’t well known in the world of VR but things might be changing with the HP Reverb’s launch.

According to HP, this device is supposed to solve three basic VR headset problems. The main being Visual quality, followed by repeated focus adjustments and a comfortable fit. Let’s see how HP has managed to solve these.

Display Specifications

Display resolution of this headset is its best feature, it provides a double resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels and a wide viewing angle of 114 degrees. In comparison, HTC Vive pro is available at $800 and provides a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels only.

HP Reverb uses a 90 Hz LCD, ensuring a smoother image thanks to its high refresh rate. Overall it features 9.3 MP resolution when compared to 2.6 MP resolution featured by Oculus Rift S and 4.6 MP featured by Vive pro, we know this VR headset will be the new favorite of the masses.

Comfortable Fit

For a comfortable fit and long wearing time, the HP Reverb is made ultra-lightweight and only weighs 1.1 pounds. The device does not come with eye tracking, but it has managed to reach a sweet spot where the image quality is optimal.

The headset comes with its own headphones, which are made with spatial audio in mind and provide a pretty good audio quality. However, if you don’t like the headphones, you can always remove them and attach your own.

Other Features

HP Reverb uses the Windows Mixed Reality platform; hence, it does not require a complete setup of cameras and lights around the area and is a plug and play device. The controllers are pre-paired with the headset which further enables the plug and play functionality.

However, one thing that has taken us aback is the fact that it will need a 4K monitor running at 90 Hz. Most monitors available on the market run at 60 Hz and the ones that run at 90 Hz are not only hard to find but are also super expensive.

The headset has access to both Microsoft’s VR applications and the Steam library. It will be available in April for $599 with a standard cable and washable face gadget. An enterprise edition at $649 is also available which comes with two face gadgets.

However, if you are looking for something reasonable and high-resolution, this headset is not recommended. Even though it will take your gaming to the next level, upgrading your GPU for this headset will be too heavy on your pocket.

  • acredito que haja um engano quanto à necessidade de ter um monitor 4K a 90 hz. normalmente as gpus aceitam multi displays com suas especificações distintas.

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