Imran Khan Becomes First Pakistani to be Featured on Top Saudi Magazine Arrajaol

Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the first ever Pakistani leader and politician to feature on the cover page of a leading Saudi Magazine ‘Arrajaol.’

Saudi lifestyle magazine’s April edition will feature an exclusive story on Pakistan’s premier. The glimpses from the story suggest it would be Khan’s interview on his life.

The quotes from the interview appearing on the cover page say, “I was shy,” and “building a new Pakistan is my dream.”

Arrajol, a 27-year-old leading Saudi Magazine, has never featured any Pakistani in the past. The picture has taken the internet by storm, with PTI supporters sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

According to some Pakistani expats in Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Imran Khan has lifted the country’s image significantly ever since he gained power in the center.

His supporters believe PM Khan enjoys unprecedented popularity in the Arab world which is evident from ‘Arrajol’s cover story.

  • First time Pakistani all over the world feel proud to have a honest,educated ,leader who wants to give future to poor people’s of Pakistan !

    • Just give him (ImranKhan) more chance and time then Pakistan Become strongest Islamic Country in front of America, India, Israel etc.

      Recently, we didn’t have enough money to secure our economy due to looting by previous government.

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