Facebook Admits That it Can’t Control Live Broadcasts

Facebook, a company that wants it all, has been found the main topic of debate these days. Currently, its live feature is the focal point of discussion and the public actually wants Facebook to rethink this feature.

The Christchurch event has taken us all aback especially how the abhorrent event was put broadcasted live from the criminal’s Facebook account.

Facebook has admitted that it cannot control the live feature as of now since, there are not many morally wrong or illegal events being broadcasted live, so training its AI algorithm is next to impossible.

What we want to know is, if you cannot control the feature, is giving the murderers, criminals, and extremists the platform to proudly broadcast their repugnant deeds not damaging enough? Is leaving the system as it is the right thing to do?

The Christchurch event has increased the concerns of the public regarding the feature. Facebook hasn’t announced any changes but there needs to be a filter on broadcasting something morally wrong, even if it’s not illegal.

We are all waiting for Facebook to give its statement and let us know if and how this feature will be made public friendly.

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