FIFA to Send a Delegation to Assess PFF Situation

The governing body, FIFA will be sending a fact-finding mission to Pakistan after discussing Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) current situation and developments in the recent months.

The discussions would take place on 3rd April at the FIFA Member Associations Committee. Earlier, PFF had forwarded the Supreme Court’s order to FIFA to look into the matter of PFF elections which were embroiled in controversy as previous President of PFF, Faisal Saleh Hayat objected to the elections which saw Ashfaq Hussain Shah take over as the new head of the federation.

According to the sources, a joint FIFA-AFC delegation will visit Pakistan to oversee all the issues.

In an email sent to the PFF by FIFA read:

Please kindly be informed that it is the intention of FIFA to send a joint FIFA/AFC delegation to Pakistan shortly to assess the situation of the PFF in view of the developments that have occurred over the last months.

The mission will listen to the views of all the involved parties, an email sent to the PFF Vice President said:

On that occasion, the delegation will meet with all relevant stakeholders and listen to their views. Consequently, we deem that the mission will be the right platform for engagement.

PFF has been consistently under the pump for corruption and other mismanagement charges which is one of the main reasons why the game has been seeing a downward trend in the past few years.