Toyota Might Stop Making Land Cruiser V8

Toyota’s 4WD SUV, the Land Cruiser 200, needs no introduction. It is sometimes mistakenly known as the “V8” in Pakistan due to the V8 badge on its boot. However, it will soon only be available in the V6 variant.

According to reports coming from Japan, the next-generation Toyota LC 200 is due in 2020 and will drop its V8 engine in favor of the engine found in a Lexus LS Sedan, a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. The new SUV concept might be unveiled at this October’s Tokyo Motor Show and the LC 200 engine will be tuned accordingly.

The V8 engine basically has four engines sharing a common crankshaft in a parallel inline. However, engines experience vibrations with large displacement in this simple setup, with a flat or single – plane crankshaft. Most V8s have been using the cross-plane crankshaft with heavy counterweights since the 1920s to handle the vibrations. This method is more complex but, as a result, the engine is smoother, more powerful than a V6 and less expensive than a V12 at the same time.

For a while now, car manufacturers have used the V8 in high-performance cars and off-road vehicles because they simply sound phenomenal.

According to the aforementioned Japanese reports, the new Land Cruiser will have a new ladder frame chassis that will also allow weight reduction and an improvement in safety credentials. The same is said for the Lexus LX with just more of everything that has always been a puffed up LC200.

The V6 from the Lexus LS produces 310 kW and 600 N.m, making it a more powerful engine than the V8 it replaces. Keeping the current configurations in mind, it is likely to be coupled with an automatic 10-speed transmission. It’s not going to be a shock if Toyota decides to bring a hybrid variant to the LC 200 as the Lexus LS and LX are currently coming in hybrid variants and it’s worth noting that since LS, LX and LC200 will all have the same engine now.

Since September 2007, the current-generation 200 model is being produced. While the major change was made in 2015, Toyota has been making minor changes to it. This means that the new 3.5L will certainly pack a bigger punch and have a better fuel economy.

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