Fakhr-e-Alam Wants to Help The Man Arrested for Making a Flying Machine

TV anchor and aviation enthusiast, Fakhr-e-Alam, has defended the man from Arifwala who was arrested a few days ago for trying to fly an unlicensed aircraft that he invented himself.

Alam has sought Prime Minister Imran Khan’s attention on the matter, asking him to intervene in the case. He dubbed the aircraft maker, Muhammad Fayyaz, a ‘hero’ and someone to ‘be inspired by’.

Fayyaz, a popcorn seller and a security guard, was arrested for operating a flying device on account of posing threat to the safety of other people standing at the scene and himself. He was test-flying his ‘homemade’ plane at an open field where a small crowd of people gathered to see the experiment.

Not only was the man was arrested, but his plane was also confiscated and he was fined Rs. 3,000.



While this action of police drew ire from the masses, Fakhar came out to help the man. In a series of tweets, the celebrity termed Fayyaz a hero and called the occurrence as an extraordinary story.

He asked the PM to play his part in the issue, saying this kind of stories inspire youth and future aviators.

“Dear PM @ImranKhanPTI can you please tell your Punjab govt to intervene. This man should be interviewed & asked what made him do this & how he succeeded. This man should be treated as a national asset. These are the kind of stories that inspire youth & future aviators,” he said.

While defending the man, Alam stated that Fayaaz needed to be groomed and helped with learning laws.

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