Islamabad Airport’s Runways and Facilities Don’t Meet International Standards: PAC

Islamabad International Airport is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, even before it became operational. This time around, it has been revealed that the Rs. 100 billion-project has got the most important aspect of the airport wrong: the runway is not up to the international standards.

The revelation was made in a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) sub-committee meeting headed by Syed Fakhar Imam. It was also disclosed that the public toilets are also not up to the mark. The committee was told that the number of toilets is insufficient and are in poor condition.

The Federal Aviation Secretary attributed the accumulation of water inside the airport after rains to design flaws in the construction.

The chair also disclosed that at the time of its ground-breaking ceremony, the project concept-I, and financial and infrastructural feasibility was not yet ready.

Despite nine audits and FIA investigations – which ruled seven people responsible – no recommendations by the auditors or the investigators have been implemented thus far.

The PAC sub-committee directed the concerned authorities to clear objections and implement recommendations within two weeks.

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  • Audit Aur Inspection Bhi Kisi Marz Ki DAWA Hai :

    Is AirPort Pe Aisa Kuch Howa Q Nahi tha : Itni Corruption :
    Sub Ko Fine Laga K Payment Reverse Lo Ya Ulta Latka DO

  • agree with toilets in poor condition. Runway seemed fine and smooth on take-off and landing ( i was there in February 2019). Lack of duty free and international food outlets. They need to check heathrow departures area after security clearance.

    • I was there last week for International travelling. Everything was neat and clean and clearance process was hassle free and fast. I found it much better than some other international airports.

  • I’ve been there 3 times and I always felt the new airport is as good as any other international airport. Its clean bright spacious and not crowded at all !

    The only problem I faced was luggage comming out late..

  • Hi the airport is a lot better then before. However it no where near the international level. You still have people asking for bribery. Toilets are rubbish no outlets are available, anoucements in english are poor. It lacks professional from staff. Business class are not treated like business class the queue in the same place as economy. If u book a metro cab from inside it’s fine but from outside you cant get a taxi u can’t go back inside, so basically your stranded. I had to pay to go back inside bribery because I thought taxis would be available just like other airports.

  • I travelled from manchester with my elderly disabled father on 28th January 2019, on arrival at Islamabad airport we were met with one porter for 12 travellers who needed wheel chair assistance who was joined by one more each pushing two wheel chairs & then going back for two more, by the time they reached the immigration desks( about an hour after) there was no ques at all at any of the immigration desks because everyone had gone. A lot of family members were very annoyed due to the lack of staff & pushed their relatives wheelchairs, after clearing immigration i went down to collect my lugage, after another hour i gathered all my lugage, went out pushing my lugage trolley and a wheelchair.
    Joined a long que for the one lift (one next to it not working) to go up a floor in which one trolley & the wheel chair just about fitted inside.
    Three & half hours after landing i got to our car.
    Returned on the 14th march, most lifts still no working, saw long ques again for the lift by the new arrivals,
    Within two hours of landing at Manchester, with wheelchair assistance, cleared immigration, got lugage, travelled 80 km & was eating at home.
    I got a better service at the old airport because the were less ques as there were not lifts.
    I did put a complaint in the complaint box with my email address (still waiting)at NEW ISLAMABAD AIRPORT.
    To sum it all up WHAT A WASTE OF 100 BILLION RUPEES.

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