RapidCompute Launches Auto Scaling on its Cloud

Imagine you’re an e-commerce store about to put up a flash sale, and your timely and effective ad suddenly brings a 100x spike in traffic to your site. If you are not prepared to handle this increase in load, everything will come to a screeching halt. Orders will not be filled and some orders won’t even be made because your servers were not ready to handle this surge. The end result is a loss in revenue and disappointed customers.

Keeping the dynamic needs of today’s enterprises in mind, RapidCompute, Pakistan’s leading local cloud service provider, has recently launched the Auto Scale feature on its customer portal. Auto Scaling is central to the cloud and offers customers a cost-effective and reliable method to use cloud resources efficiently and in real-time. The feature helps applications gracefully handle an increase in traffic, allowing for greater uptime and more availability

Auto Scaling works on scaling plans defined by the users. Data analysis is done periodically according to user-defined intervals and the performance of resources is monitored. Whenever any of these resources reach a pre-defined threshold level, they automatically scale out to accommodate the increased load.

According to Mr. Imran Khan, Managing Director RapidCompute,

Organizations that utilize the cloud don’t stay the same forever. They’re using it to help them expand their businesses. Scalability is one of the core concepts that aspiring solutions architects need to understand in order to be as effective as possible. As recently as 10 years ago, obtaining more server space was a slow and rigid process owned by a few gatekeepers. Now the cloud has made that possible with just a few clicks.

This feature is particularly useful for e-commerce sites, startups, Fintechs and any organization where production workloads are variable and unpredictable. It can give an organization virtually unlimited processing power at a moment’s notice. Customers just need to define the auto scaling policy and the auto-scaler performs automatic scaling based on the measured load.

While it’s not possible to predict when your application or business will reach a tipping point, a task such as publishing an online ad with a broad reach is certainly an instance where your company should be ready for a sudden spike in traffic.

Specifically, Fintechs and e-commerce platforms deployed in the cloud should have a solution to scale their applications based on real-time demand. RapidCompute will help tailor the setup and configurations specific to your trigger points and Auto Scale will respond to spikes before anything ever happens.

For more information on how RapidCompute can help create a custom cloud solution for you, visit www.rapidcompute.com or call their teams at 021-11-11-25683 (CLOUD).

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