Cynthia Ritchie Blasts Hussain Haqqani for Maligning Martin Kobler

Martin Kobler has finally locked the door to his residence in Islamabad and by now, he will be on his way back to Berlin. The German Ambassador has left with some great memories and all Pakistanis are head over heels in love with him for what he did for our country.

While questioning someone who’s doing something positive is questionable in itself, it is worse if the person doing it doesn’t have any respect. Often termed as a traitor to Pakistan, Hussain Haqqani, did just that in an attempt to malign someone just because he himself couldn’t ever earn that respect.

Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United States took a dig at the German Ambassador for ignoring issues of human rights violations, war and peace, and economics.

According to Haqqani’s tweet, Martin Kobler did nothing but promote Pakistan’s pottery, food, and clothes.

The famous activist and writer, Cynthia D. Richie had a befitting response for Haqqani’s blatant comments.

She said that Kobler did much more than just promoting Pakistan’s culture.

Ambassador Kobler chose to explore a country & learn about its people in ways that you, HH, never did & could never appreciate, because naturally, traitors aren’t sympathetic to their country of origin.

Cynthia further took a jab at former Ambassador for trading secrets for money.

Some of us are not driven by cash, trading secrets or manufacturing crises.


Haqqani’s comments backfired quickly as he had to face a lot of criticism on social media.

Even his admirers didn’t like the reply.

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Feature Writer

  • Cynthia Dawn Ritchie Ka Kehne Ka Matlab hai
    “Apne Sitrar E Firdos Dena Chahyah tha Unhe”


  • This slimeball, who turned on his country, has the gall to lecture others about their duties as an ambassador. Funny!

  • Mr.HH, your comments for Mr. Kobler are not only childish but also it is disgusting for the man who did enjoyed his term in Pakistan optimistically, portraying bright side of my homeland and you, being Pakistani origin having US citizenship (which was rewarded to you against your misdeeds like this) is just finding faults with the German ambassador. I recommend that Mr. Kobler, may be awarded honorary citizenship of Pakistan.

  • Actually it happens when people like Mr H.H are appraised without merit by the corrupt parties as PPPP then they think others have the same background as theirs.

  • Let us never forget that HH belonged to PPP that has long been pending construction of dams and power projects in Pakistan unless they receive their suggested percentage. Let’s also not forget that HH was allowed to leave via Presidential order of the then Zardari. Let’s also not forget that a leading anchor in Pk admitted the US senators told him that HH had cut a deal to surrender Pakistan’s nuclear assets if his party is allowed to return to power.

  • Paid news issued by ProPaki verbatim as the venomous words in it suggest.
    It is not a news at all in fact, basically because it lacks neutrality from ProPaki. Sajawal must learn the basics and ethics of journalism first.
    It’s highly USUAL to label anyone a traitor or indian agent, whoever brings out the dark secrets and corruption/misdeeds/misadventures of Paki servicemen.

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