5 Solutions That Keep You Mosquito Free When You’re Traveling

Road trips, plane tickets, and destinations are on everyone’s mind because winter is over. This means that sunny humid days are going to bring back the tiny little pests who are always ready to sting, leave annoying bumps on the skin, make us roll our eyes and we can’t let them be a menace.

So, taking a chance with these mosquitoes is definitely not a good idea. Here are a few travel hacks that will help you keep the itch away.

1. Travel with Your Mortein Machine


Get yourself the new ‘Mortein Machine’ that can keep the mosquitos at bay and you can have a peaceful night. It’s convenient and a one-time smart investment, after a simple plugin it works on its own to keep you mosquito free and barely takes up space in your bag. No smoke in the room, no coughing and super safe as it doesn’t require any fluid lighter and minimizes the chances of getting a burn.

2. DIY Time

Every brown household has a range of oils because why not? Don’t get sidetracked, this isn’t ‘malish’ (massage) time. All you have to do is get your hands on some Neem Oil and Coconut Oil, mix the two up and shake it in a spray bottle. This can be sprayed on the skin while you are out and about.

3. Scented Sanitizer

No more slapping these mosquitoes! Yes, that’s right. While you are munching on the go and sanitizing your hands, you can kill two birds with one stone and shoo the mosquitos away.

4. Mini Fan

Keep it easy breezy and let those winged buzzers stay away at all times as the power of winds are with you. Simple, right?

5. Baby Products are Life Savers

Fresh like a baby’s bottom. We’re talking about the wide product range for babies. The scent it has is revolting for the mosquitos and your skin remains moisturized and soft at the same time. Win, win.

You’re sorted now, so go get your essentials, pack your bags because there’s nothing stopping you now from having a fantastic trip!

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