Doctor’s Wrong Prescription Kills 4-Year Old Girl in Karachi

In a shocking turn of events, a 4-year old girl died in Korangi, Karachi last night after a local doctor advised a wrong injection for her illness.

The MBBS doctor has been identified as Muhammad Imran and the police sources suggest that he has been sent behind bars for his negligence.

Razia’s parents took her to Dr. Imran due to a high fever. The deceased’s family claims that their daughter died due to the injection which was prescribed by the doctor.

The Police has already started investigating the matter of the minor’s death, however, the bereaved’s family didn’t allow a post-mortem despite taking the body to the nearby medical facility.

According to the details, Razia’s condition deteriorated following the injection and she died soon after.

Incidents like this are more common these days as Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) is failing to regulate the private clinics. Strict punishments for the negligent doctors can reduce the number of such abhorrent incidents and the regulatory authorities need to keep a close eye on the defaulters.

Via Geo News

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  • Before publishing such news, Facts needs to be checked.
    1. what the actual case/disease was the child suffering from.
    2. Was she allergic to any medication?
    3. What injection was prescribed, which injection was actually given. ?

      • how many injections you have prescribed and actually administered to be an expert on “wrong Injection ” ?

        • @ Abbasi & Jinnah Hospital : Wrong Style of Injeciton & Taking Blook Sample By Doctor / Assistant :
          Laraaari HO CHUKI Thi Meri My Personal Experiance & Fit the Wrongly Canola :
          Is Se Acha Mera Bhai Compunder hai Us Ne Hospital Main Kiya Sub NANA Ka

  • illitracy is the main curse of our society.people who do not know any thing are the first to comment.Reaction to any inj.can happen and it is mentioned in books.matter must be handled by health experts to know the cause and if the responsible he must be punished.Big mouths and media must be stopped before reaching to conclusion .

    • Why Blocked : I Not Using Any Information Words : No Bad Comments ? No Negative Comments No torcher to Any One :

      So Why Why Why I Blocked It : Why My Heater Cannot Blocked itself ?

  • I think these kind of incidents are increasing day by day might be due to expired or duplicate injections or medicines are main cause, but doctors or other hospital Administration should take up responsibility on these. Parents are missing their children’s due to these irresponsible act by all hospitals. If we look around hospital by hospital no humanity we found, shameful to all to quit on this or other kind of irregularities acts in all over. Our law enforcement and govt are as usual busy in corruption which sin ful act.

  • Why would you prescribe an injection for a 4 year old due to high fever its obvious the child has an infection would you not try to bring her temperature down by giving hear a paediatric syrup ie calpol and antibiotics by mouth it beats me

  • I have more than 20 years of experience as doctor. I have also experienced in Teaching hospital like sheikh Zayed hospital lahore.
    My suggestion is that case be investigated thoroughly. Its really sad a young girl lost her life. The reason could be due to her actual disease. Unfortunately there are diseases where patients died in most modern hospitals of America what to talk of a clinic.
    The doctor could be wrong with diagnosis but that’s why child specialist are made. Any injection can be wrong and right at time. Depends on circumstances. Diagnosis is difficult as many diseases presents similarly.
    High grade fever could due to Meningitis, Cerebral or Brain malaria, or other viral infections which are difficult to treat in teaching hospital even.
    I remember a case where cricket star waseem akram wife died. She was under supervision of 21 specialists. The diagnosis was wrong. When diagnosis made it was too late.
    The way Mr wahab giving sweeping statement reflects his personal gruge but nothing to do with finding the truth. Why a doctor would do bad to a patient. He may be less capable but having degree to first see the patient is justified. If specialist see all such patients, he would not be able to see his actual referred patients.
    In western countries 20 patients by general doctor are allowed while here more than 100 patients also seen by doctors. What to say. Our economy.

    I have seen near death from Tablet Dispirin. With the help of Allah Almighty he could be saved as he could reach medical facility.

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