Govt is Considering Eliminating CSS and Other “Superior Services”

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI)-led federal government has moved a step closer towards its long-desired civil services reforms. If the government manages to pull this off, it will revolutionize the government departments and bring such officials on par with the private sector.

After swinging into power last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan had underscored the need of depoliticizing of the bureaucracy which was only possible with reforms in the country’s civil services.

In September 2018, he constituted a Task Force under Dr. Ishrat Hussain and tasked it to present a roadmap in this regard.

The committee, after a collaboration of six months, presented its proposal for reforms in a meeting in Islamabad last week.

According to sources familiar with the development, the reforms proposal aimed at eliminating the colonial concept of ‘superior services’ in the country.

The draft proposed to change the current examination system of CSS by introducing the concept of specialized bureaucracy. This way, the aspiring civil servants won’t have to appear in a general examination for all cadres and services; rather there would be specialized exams for particular streams.

To make this happen, the proposal suggests introducing four streams or clusters so that the candidates with specific qualification get to join the respective streams.

The reforms proposal, which has been forwarded to the cabinet for approval suggested revised entry-level test process to assess analytical ability, domain-specific knowledge, and aptitude of aspiring candidates.

The new test system, if approved will include four stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial Screening Test
  • Stage 2: Cluster-based specialized recruitment
  • Stage 3: Psychometric evaluation
  • Stage 4: Final interviews of shortlisted candidates

The new policy also proposed salaries equivalent to the private sector and decent post-retirement benefits to such civil servants.

  • CSS Should be in URDU Languages one additional Languages to be added like ENG, CHINA, GERMAN Etc

    • Totally understandable how someone who cannot properly spell broadband would call for superior exams to be conducted in urdu language.

      WAHAB lad, git gud.

        • Abdul wahab jaisay bachay angootha laga kar kehtay hain ‘mein parhain likha hoon’.

          RIP Abdul Wahab’s senses (or lack thereof)

        • Poor Wahab trying to prove his manliness there, and failing miserably just like he does with reading and writing English.

        • Yahaan comment pe comment karne se faarigh hoga to kuch daikh paae ga na.

          Pata nai kab se khaali baitha hai..

        • You had all the time but the problem is the English language. Bro wait for the Urdu subtitles.

        • Mr:wahsb u seem far less mature. There don’t cry it should be evolved in urdu which is rather outraged action..

      • No man, he is actually the Night King, and trying his best to destroy the comment section here.

  • Specialized services will bring revolution in this deface system where Engineer is working as Secretary Health and Doctor is working as Secretary Works.

  • In Css age should be increased up to 35 years and attempts should also be enhance along with qualification…

  • would b dynamically best for the aspirants who have a poor family background…guys i am surprised to see and know that why an MBBS doctor is selected for the post of ASP general group…he or she should go into his or her specified field..that is medical line if he or she is so intelligent and professional….and same for the others specialized degree holder likewise….

    • IA it is included in the reforms and soon we’ll see the changes made.
      There will be no benefit to nation if Docs & Engrs leave their own fields of study after investing so much time in it and run for Superior Services. The mindset must be managed before or during intermediate level.
      This will be much better for our country if we strive for best, within our own fields.

  • They and the military just have a beef with the beaucracy. Nothing good comes out of the new things and you can relate that to another new thing in market these days. Same old people will run the new system. Remember ZAB also barred the civil servants from being called CSPs, just because he thought that it makes them arrogant, what happened after that ? Anything good ?

  • Will vote Imran again if he can pull this off. But is the establishment going to favor this decision?

  • پڑھے لکھے کا میعار انگریزی زبان کو بنا لینا قوم کے ساتھ ذیادتی ہے، صرف سی ایس ایس نہیں، بلکہ پورا نظام تعلیم اردو میں ہونا چاہیے تاکہ زیادہ سے زیادہ عوام استفادہ کر سکے، آدھی سے زیادہ عوام صرف اس وجہ سے اعلیٰ تعلیم سے محروم رہ جاتی ہے کہ وہ انگریزی میں کمزور ہوتے ہیں، دنیا کی تمام کامیاب قوموں نے اپنی اپنی زبانوں میں ترقی کی ہے تو ایسا ہم کیونکر نہیں کرسکتے

  • Kaam acha hea, ik should implement it as soon as possible, yehan jo comments kar rehey hen in mea sey ziyada jo phly phly css k liyea aa k sokhey hotey hen wo hen, phly exam do phr pata chaley ga. Tum log kitny panni mea or kitny zameen mea ho, dekha hea tum jaisy shokhy bohut academy mea.

  • The idea is very much appreciated but the government should implement it as soon as possible. One of my friends working as secretary in office of wildlife division but he has Degree of MBBS. Hhhhhhhhhhh

  • The reformers might change the mind set which haunted since long time of pak bureucracy.many a candidates thrown out due to age limit.As critically watched last 10 years education systen demolished writing skills no any govt body is carried out properly,to find out such people age limit must given more than previous .

  • Pakistan Tehreek e insaf has played havoc with politics and now are stalking to demolish civil Service of pakistan and rupturing bureaucracy so that they will make the state apparatus as a supermarket where swindlers extort people with regard to their wealth and status. Confound and shame on PTI and the Federal Task Force on Civil Service Reforms.

  • something terrible is going to happen with these reforms.with specific qualifications an aspirant can get a more specific area of department.for example these days young doctors and engineers do not find enough respect from people and their professions. Why do they chose to study in technical provinces by making huge efforts to get their degrees in their professions instead of studying the subjects of humanities by minor struggle. In this way first of all such intelligent people will be bounded in their very specific areas and second they will not be allowed to do others privileged goverment jobs .In consequences they will be jobless because of lack of vacant seats in their own professions .This we can see now a days. Another conundrum will also emerge means flux of people studying in these very specific groups. As a result they all can’t get jobs in these specialized based bureaucratic circle. Another fault still haunts how this bureaucratic group will be emancipated from clutches of politicians. It is not mentioned in the above mentioned report. Another complex situation can be seen in this process is to reduce the general cadres in order to militarily minded people in those areas after retirements or during their services period .For example in medical government area and PIA sector.

    • Thank God someone said it. These are the points that I am concerned about too. I mean how can they eliminate political maneuvering by inculcating the idea of “specific groups for specific candidates”.
      Also they were comparing this idea with the Indian civil services. What they don’t tell is that there is a separate civil services group for engineers in India named “Indian Engineering Services”, which includes sub-groups of “Telecom, Railways,Roads, infrastructure,mechanical complexes, electric power, IT “sectors etc. for Engineers.
      WHEREAS, in Pakistan we’ll only get “Railways”group for Engineers.

  • It is due for long time.Much of the specialised talent is lost for lack of General competitiveness.There should be cadre based selection and recruitment relevant to specific posts for contestant graduates. Hope we don’t see any medical doctors and Engineers in service of Foreign office etc.

  • This is the best step regarding the reforms of civil services. The system is too weaken that it neither has planning nor management , as exam is general candidate from any background and degree appears in it. No one had noticed that all the fields are different and how can an engineer , doctor or advocate be a SP or other officer.
    Therefore, Present government should change the policy and must bring revolution in society and system.

  • My all the respected bro and sis:
    lets begin to understand the demand and its supply.
    As we know that if supply is concerning with demand then its an excellent for the particular purpose ,if not then it will harm the both businessman and the whole surroundings.
    lets begin once again the psychological approach and the proper knowledge of any advocate and doctor .Their role, study skills, academic knowledge and behavioral approach definitely will be match with their own degree.
    Then you give them A.C post..?
    Do they can perform well as professional administrator can perform..?
    They have enough knowledge of local government and communication skills..?

    If someone is going specialization then he or she must go to that particular field then perform.
    uses of money, time ,government resources(Teacher ,Place, money, Materials etc) will be waste you go to another field.
    come towards strengthen Pakistan and the Nation.

    • very true, but for too long this nation has worshiped this so called idea of superiority. They will find it extremely painful to digest this simple and straightforward truth no matter however reasonably you explain it to them. I hope these reforms get approved.

  • That’s what Pakistan needs; the domain specialized experts rather than a rat race of people trying to cling onto power. Pakistanis are intoxicated by this “superior services” concept and everyone shows immense hunger in this pursuit of power. It’s good to see that such reforms are being worked on, hopefully they will get approved and implemented eventually.

  • Agreed this colonial service should be eliminated, there is no concept of AC, DC or ASP whatsoever in civilized countries, this flopped and backward service is only existing in Pak and India. Actually these bureaucrats are paid Dallas to facilitate politions and instruments of political leaders to help them to loot this county, both have hands in gloves. CTP Academy should also be eliminated and a modern structure should be introduced.

  • Hi every one
    I m chemistry student , if the reforms approved will I be eligible then and in which group?

  • Onceupon my one the student dragged arguing , about philosophy I had no option to keep calm because a teacher of philosophy is like burning not burning some thing nothing everything . is lawful therefore , I am a keen supporter of. Darwinism . Here Darwinism is right option to be on the right path .
    But very sadistic action in many respectives, it’s rather reverse reforms as far as my life experience is concerne.
    Ask this PM is he himself a specialist in concerned field .
    Bureaucracy has nothing to do with the improve ment in good government but it broadly brought under studies and research…!!!

  • Best initiative.. I highly appreciate and hope that it is implemented soon.. a few people who are talking against it do not understand that people having irrelative education in any job cannot perform well. They are saying where will doctors and egineers go blah blah of course there will be a relative work offer for them too.. If they wanted to become bureaucrat they shouldn’t have spent 6 – 8 years studying medicine rather opt for another subject.
    Anyway GREAT JOB GOP we stand with you and hope it is implemented soon

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