The Beautiful Valley of Naran is Now Open for Tourists Again [Photos]

Famous tourist spot in the Northern areas of Pakistan, Naran, has been opened for tourists from across the country. Following heavy snowfall this winter, the tourist attraction was cut off from the lower parts of the country as the snow had blocked the main highway leading to Naran and Kaghan.

The authorities are saying that the road to Gilgit via Babusar Top will also be opened by 30th June and the travelers can use the route for Gilgit and Hunza after 30th June.

Each year, a large number of tourists visit Naran mainly because of Lake Saiful Malook, and the River Kunhar which is also known as White River. Not only this, Shogran, Siri Paaye, Makra Top and Lalazar are in close vicinity of Naran and attract a large number of tourists.

Rafting in River Kunhar. Via Tourism Corporation KPK
Lake Saiful Malook in Winters. Via Dawn
Siri Paaye. Via The Tourist
Shogran in Winters. Via Reddit
Lalazar. Via Pinterest
Lulusar Lake. Via AJK Tours
Babusar Top. Via Paramount Adventure

After a closure of 4 months, people have started turning up in numbers to explore the valley. The road has now been cleared after paving 10 big and 18 small glaciers in the 23-km long track from Kaghan to Naran.