Facebook to Provide Details of ‘Fake Accounts’ Allegedly Defaming Ali Zafar

Lahore’s district court has asked Facebook and Instagram to provide the details of the ‘fake accounts’ allegedly engaged in defaming the famous singer and actor Ali Zafar.

In his TV appearances in the last few days, Ali Zafar claimed that Meesha Shafi had launched a smear campaign against him on social media after she accused him of sexual harassment in April 2018.

Zafar said that ‘fake accounts’ are spreading lies about him. He will request FIA’s cyberbullying unit to look into the matter.


Ali Zafar Becomes a Social Media Meme After Crying on TV

Now a court order has revealed that the FIA’s Cyber Crime Circle in Lahore has concluded the initial inquiry and identified Instagram accounts sanasamir91, deeenz82, and sallzjay22 as committing offenses punishable under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016.

The FIA found that the said accounts were “uploading [Ali Zafar’s] personal pictures with obnoxious/defamatory content to damage his repute in family and society.”

The Lahore district court has, therefore, asked Facebook to disclose the basic subscriber data linked with the accounts along with the IP logs.

Via: Dawn

  • Its FIA responsibility to give justice to Ali Zafar and throw Meesha Shafi from the helicopter.

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