Audit of Private School Profits Shocks Justice Ijazul Ahsan

Senior Supreme Court judge, Justice Ijazul Ahsan, expressed surprise to learn about the amount of profit private schools are earning every year.

While hearing a case pertaining to exorbitant fees charged by private schools, Justice Ijaz was shocked when he was informed that one of the institutions profited by Rs. 353 million last year.

A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by CJP Asif Saeed Khosa heard the case. The bench was informed that the school sees a 36 percent increase in its profits every year.

“No business other than drugs can bring in such profits,” he remarked while suggesting putting a limit on the increase in fees.

He advised school owners to start other businesses if they could not comply with the court’s orders.

“Private schools, which need a license, must adhere to the regulation,” said Ahsan. He said that depriving children of education is a matter of national importance.

The CJP remarked that the Sindh High Court, in its verdict, had given certain implications and recommendations that didn’t comply with the law. Justice Ahsan observed that the law does not apply to the schools charging less than Rs. 4000.

Beaconhouse School counsel, Shahid Hamid, informed the bench that according to Sindh High Court’s order, schools charging under Rs. 4,000 were free to increase their fees.

However, schools charging Rs. 5000 or more will have to intimate the concerned authority about the increase of more than 5% two months ahead of the end of the academic year. “The maximum permissible increase in fees is 8%,” he added. To this, Chief Justice asked if he considered the limit on increasing fee was unconstitutional.

The counsel said it was not unconstitutional, but unjustified.

Justice Ahsan noted that according to the audit report of Beaconhouse School System, it earned Rs. 1.4 billion in profits after all expenditures.

“After all this, how can anyone justify that imposing an upper limit on school fees is unjustifiable”, Justice Ahsan asked.

  • What about schools which are not overcharging. Not all schools are commercial businesses justice sb. This is disastrous for schools which are just breaking even or making minimal profits whilst offering quality education. A lot of low cost schools imparting good education will be forced to shutdown leaving only commercial schools to run the show. Lower middle class will suffer. Instead why isn’t PKR devaluation being capped, fuel prices, food, etc. It is the Governments failure that education has become a business for certain schools.

      • few years ago a school in khi closed that was on 6000 sqyrds proper school building, and were charging 1200 rs.
        i got to know one of the owners…
        reason they told was worrying and according to them as far i remember..

        1: parents themselves, they made calls from NAB to give 50 to 100 rs discounts.

        2: parents threatening when children doesn’t get grade’s or no help in exams.

        3: parents refusing to pay fee on time because they were somehow too poor and school is rich.

        4: govt officials asking high bribes.


    • hammed sahab they are putting cap on fee it will not hurt low coast schools because they already charing less i don’t under stand why u r worry about that

  • Please be also look at the students taken the studies in the said branches as my two kids are in Beacon House Middle branch Nazimabad and at that branch they have had 1600 students in the branch and the total number of employees in the branch is less than 100 teachers and all staff including peons and ayas which is disquesting, how they control 1600 youths in this branch and the education level is zero

  • This is unfortunate that private schools are charging higher fees and making huge profits.Even more unfortunate thing is that almost all of the students of these private schools take private tutions and poor parents are helpless.Private schools are more concentrating on school fees and different ways of earning money rather quality education.

  • Beacon House waalo ne teachers and other staff k to annual increments hi rok diye hain and even fired so many people. The owners and higher management still earn the same and even more in most cases but the really important ppl for the children of the school (teachers mainly) suffer very badly…. Chief Justice should take notice of this.

  • Justice sb should also audit army held corporations, his surprise would be many folds………

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