Samsung Takes on Xiaomi With its Cheaper Galaxy Fit-e Smartband

Unveiled in February, the Galaxy Fit smart band is getting a cheaper option. The Galaxy Fit-e smart band is already listed on Samsung’s official site and is available on Amazon for 39 Euros. It looks like the hot-selling and famous Xiaomi Mi band 3 finally has a rival.

The band is to arrive in the markets by the second quarter of 2019. It comes in black, yellow and colors. If we look at the images, the Fit-e smart band looks like other commercially available smart bands.


In comparison with Galaxy Fit, the Galaxy Fit-e does not feature an AMOLED display, rather it comes with 0.74-inch PMOLED display. This is practically half of what other trackers have in terms of screen size; however, it is surprisingly enough for reading the time and checking your progress.

It comes with a built-in heart rate tracker like all other smart bands, water resistance up to 5 ATM and 6 to 7 days of battery life which can be stretched out in case you don’t use it very frequently.

The smart band displays the local time and step count by default. You can also program it to display notifications from your phone. This includes missed calls, calendar notifications, and text message notifications.

Like other fitness bands, the Galaxy Fit-e can also track walking, running, dynamic training and sleep. It automatically syncs all the info with the Samsung Health app.

In terms of weight, Galaxy Fit-e is lighter as compared to the regular Galaxy Fit and the screen resolution is also lower.

Connecting With a Smartphone

In case, you are using a phone other than Samsung you will need four separate apps to connect the smart band to your phone, but, if you are using a Samsung Smartphone you can set it up quite easily.

For Samsung users, Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health apps are needed only. For smartphones, by other manufacturers, an additional Galaxy fit plugin and Samsung accessory service applications have to be installed separately.

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