#BoycottDollar and #MadeinPakistan Trend on Twitter as Rupee Slides Further

The increased influence of Dollar in Pakistanis’ everyday life and the recent bailout package with the IMF has sparked a wave of debate not just in our usual conversations but on social media as well.

With prices of everyday commodities skyrocketing with the reason being told as ‘Dollar’ fluctuationthe masses have now started a campaign asking for a boycott of the imported items.

The hashtag #BoycottDollar is trending on Twitter and Pakistanis are urging their fellows to use #MadeinPakistan items to decrease our dependence on the US dollar.

Let’s hear to what people are saying on social media:

Pakistan comes first.

Use products made in Pakistan.

Mere words are not going to be enough.

One of our better products.

Purchase Pakistani products.


Another reason why.

The right way to go?

Celebrities are also participating in the campaign.

What are your views on the matter? Should dollar be boycotted in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

  • We should boycott dollar, avoid imported items, purchase locally made items…
    This should not be only verbally but should be implemented. Please support
    Love Pakistan

  • Put bans on american products.

    BAN hollywood movies from showing in cinema
    BAN Apple and Intel
    BAN US embassy

  • Verbally, I will bycott dollar and advice others too :)
    Personally, i am not idiot and know the value of dollar !

  • Write an article on Mona Hawa. Kuwaiti born Palestine who wrote an article on fake holo cast. Come on PP staff show us your spine.

    HTV made a video on it

  • selling dollars to the open market like some person did in the picture above will not help pakistan. Someone else will buy them

  • Bunch of idiot’s who dont know what are the problems causing all this mess. They just want to write on twitter something they not even know about Pakistani ppl will never be able to get better

  • Yes it’s the time to show that we are united and can go to any length including dumping dollars

      • US Govt. declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as terrorist but the truth is that US Army and CIA are the world’s biggest terrorist organization as you correctly said it yourself.

  • % of people buying/hoarding dollars is negligible to contribute substantially towards rupee devaluation.
    Actually, SBP is buying dollars from market as they said a day ago, i.e. they don’t even have enough to pay for 3 month import bill.

    Boycott campaign is just an eye wash.
    It cannot relieve actual problem.

    Lekin aap logo ne ghabrana nahi hai…

  • Please share a list of local products vs foreign products for the public awareness of which products to boycott. Many products are extremely common like those from Unilever and Nestlé.

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