Huawei is Working with Aptoide to Replace the Google Play Store

Google cutting ties with Huawei has been in the news lately. The Chinese tech giant took a major hit after it was blacklisted by the US government, and was thus forced to suspend business with the Americans.

Nothing too upsetting for Huawei though, as they were already well-prepared for a fight. Huawei says that they had been preparing for a potential blacklisting for 6 years. The company has already developed their own OS, and is now working with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store on Huawei devices.

This news was confirmed by Aptoide’s CEO, Paulo Trezentos, but he also claims that nothing is finalized as of yet. As Aptoide is a Portugal based company, the ban does not affect them.

Huawei does have its own app store though, called the Huawei App Gallery. It is unclear right now whether Huawei will implement Aptoide into their existing app store, or will provide it as a separate app.

The Huawei App Gallery has a smaller app base compared to Aptoide, which has over 900,000 Android apps available on it. So it is likely that we will see Aptoide’s content merge into the Huawei App Gallery, but that remains to be seen.

It is evident that Huawei has grand plans in the works. Having grown so big and influential, it will be far from shocking to see the company make a comeback despite the huge blow.

    • It Is 5G Tech in which Huewei is ahead 12 to 18 Months ahead against world and specially USA. this is what US is shivering that first time China is taking lead in technology

  • Huawei need to reduce their prices a lot if they need me to keep interested otherwise i will go for Samsung the reason for Huawei interest despite android ban is their exceptional camera quality.I think Huawei ban is just beginning all Chinese companies might face this ban so it better to be safe then sorry i will buy samsung phone now just to be on the safe side.I think US government will somehow try to ban installation of android apps.One problem is i will not be able to make in app purchases from play store etc.

    • Huawei Does Not Depended on ANDROID :
      Huawei have Better Build Quality Camera Specs Etc Easily Beat to Apply
      In Future Beat to Samsung Soon :

      Huawei Huawei Hai : Price Kabhi Less Nahi Hoga Ab Aur Increaes Hoga

      • Yar ye delusional batain band karo. Aisa lag raha hai Huawei ne tumhe salary par rakha hua hai. Huawei absolutely does depend on Android. Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry are only some of the giants that tried to release their own OS versions and failed miserably. Itna aasan nahi hota OS ko launch karna aur usko successful karna.

        Tum pata nahi kahan se tech guru ban gae k har tech article par tumhara comment zaroori hota hai. If Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry’s appstores couldn’t take on Google Play then Aptoide is a joke at best.

        There are only two realities in mobile operating systems right now: Android and iOS. You can be salty about it all you like.

    • Android is open source. How could US government ban the installation of android apps? They can only stop US companies like google to provide google services etc

  • Huawei should ship the phones with unlocked bootloader and root so that users may install what they like and blame will not be on Huawei part.
    Just like Sony users in USA who cannot use side button as finger sensor due to copyright but due to ease of change of firmware they use the sensor and Sony is happy with it.

  • laikin Aptoide mn new features lanay hnge like Playprotect so that virus walay apps scan hn coz aptoide mn bht saray malware walay apps hn, aur gmail wagaira to shyd Huawei devices mn useable na ho to masla hai

  • Pr abb to ARM ne bhi Huawei k sath kam krna bnd kr dia ab Huawei mobiles kese bnae ga!???

  • Wait and see … This is big mistake of USA… Now all Chinese mobile phone makers (Huawei Xiaomi ZTE Oppo Vivo OnePlus Motorola Lenovo Ausu etc) will reform a group to design OS and Apps and they will come out from the umbrella of USA ….

    This is the very big mistake of USA which will cost them a hell…

    Jab Tak ap kisi ko feed Kar rahe hote ho tu wo apna food nahi banata lekin jab AP feed Karna band Kar dete ho tu phir wo apna food Generate Karna shoro karta hai…

    Now All Chinese companies are worried that it can be happened with them as well so it’s the right time to come out from the umbrella of USA and build a world’s largest technological group in china ….

    Then soon you will see, China will feed technology to USA …

    USA gone now … Wait and see dear

    • Exactly :
      Chines Are Thinking About to Make All Hardware & Software for Mobile / Laptop Need “Made in China”
      & Already China BoyCot Google & His Services in China & Also BoyCot Apple & His Devices :
      US GOVERNMENT Should loose GDP agsint China & China Beat USA soon :

      Only Samsung & Nokia will be avaible at Andriod Features

  • No doubt Huawei is World leading & best company in the world, they will be replaced Google with Aptoid very soon for more better services!!!

  • Huawei …
    Plzzz koi ye bta dy k google playstor close ho jayn gye k nhi plzzz help

  • Huawei is a Game Changer. Huawei is already taking lead in the 5g niche market of Tech. So it won’t be wrong if we just wait and watch with what New Thing Huawei comes up! Good Luck to all Huawei users and the Company as well.

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