Huawei Launches Internship Program 2019 in ICT Academies Across Pakistan

Huawei has started its internship drive 2019 all across Pakistan in its 14 existing Huawei ICT Academies. It offers internships to students which range from 3 months to 6 months.

Students get a hands-on experience of what it is like to work in one of the world’s leading tech giants as part of the Internship Program.

Huawei is committed to building a diverse pool of future leaders in the field of ICT. Huawei internship vacancies equip graduating students with anything that is necessary for them to grab their chance to enter the industry. The internship provides its potential interns with a combination of personal, core, and professional skill training. They also get a chance to be coached and mentored by skilled Huawei professionals.

In order to win the graduate internship at Huawei, ensure that you are able to demonstrate;

  1. Decision making skills,
  2. Excellent communication skill and great time management,
  3. Capability to do multitask work and can handle under pressure environment,
  4. You are able to deal with high-paced environment or you have high adaptability, and more.

Huawei visited UET Taxila and FAST as part of the internship drive and will be visiting all its ICT Academies in the month of June. Live interviews will be conducted at Huawei ICT Academies and students will be offered on spot internship opportunities.

After 3 to 6 months, an internal evaluation will be carried out and the best performing interns will be given employment opportunities at Huawei head office based in Islamabad. This is to add up on Pakistan’s ICT Talent ecosystem and encourage the youth to excel in the field of ICT which is the future of a successful nation.

It has been our sole focus every year to organize such events in order to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Our team here at Huawei HR is always focused on giving youth an opportunity and trying to get the best out of them by teaming them up with our experienced personnel.

Such an opportunity is great for the individuals as they get to learn new skills and work with the leading ICT provider but it also gives them exposure to the tools that are at their disposal and work on a global scale by working on projects that are not only in Pakistan but in the rest of the Middle East region. Such a role is integral to their individual development and development of others as new ideas are explored and brought to the fore by utilizing highly talented resources and teaming them up with our personnel to plan and implement new strategies which will go a long way in achieving targets as well as going beyond them.

We urge everyone who fulfills the above criteria to take part in our initiative to give youth an opportunity and make a meaningful contribution to the future of technological advancements.

  • very positive initiative from any foreign country in Pakistan.
    and i hope this tech giant will produce more skilled workers in relevant field across the globe.

  • I am interested to apply
    And if i am able to provide my service and provide my ideas to surve them .
    I am very thankful to you

  • What is the procedure to apply for This and where will be the conduction of interview

  • Sir I want to do internship in networks .
    I am an IT student ( semester 4 ) and also I am certified from huwaie as a network associate

  • I am interested to apply
    And if i am able to provide my service and provide my ideas to surve them .
    I am very thankful to you

  • Initiative indicated by Huawei Technologies lead translated to informal one hour sessions by videos, webcast , for optimised usage for Seniors, Dis-abled, Geriatric, old, men, women acquinta welcoming, but lack the warmth expected from Huawei, who’s been with the technology leader to the ICT sector. I have the honor to be invited by the Korean telecom., sector at the Inaugural of 5G in Korea which should likewise be first to provide orientation to 5G, AI, Android OS etc.
    Suggest organising orientation/course for Android phones effective use for mapping, buying e-ticket, radio, tv, install App., use App., configure phone, take medications, use Google, or equivalent Chinese search engine, teach, learn, train, educate, literacy, etc., to small groups in Pakistan particularly in Karachi will be appreciated. The true spirit of the 5G roll out for Seniors, for AI, for use and purchase of handset on instalments, with out any security but to block the phone permanently if the buyer does not meet the conractual binding when ordering/purchase in Pakistan for widespread usage.

    • you are belong from which country?
      Every big city huawei make a academy where give a professional training.
      in lahore huawei campus the interview is conducte at 20 june 2019.
      you search about huawei ict academy at our city for give interview.

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