Xiaomi Crowdfunds a Full Body Massage Chair With AI

Xiaomi has launched yet another product in its ever-expanding MIJIA lineup. This time its a Momoda Smart AI Full Body Massage Chair, which is a direct successor of an older version from 2017.

Back in October 2017, Xiaomi crowdfunded its first massage chair dubbed the Momoda Smart Massage Chair. It came with a slightly different design and had MIJIA App support. It lacked artificial intelligence (AI) which you can get with this model.

The chair supports AI smart control with access to the XiaoAI voice assistant, which you can use to turn on the chair. It also offers two different types of zero gravity modes, a graphene waist back, hot compress (heating element) and foot roller scraping.

Xiaomi Momoda Full Body Massage Chair has a design that is different from other massage chairs. It adopts a space-capsule style minimalist design. When the chair is reclined, it looks like an astronaut in a spaceship.

It uses a 3D type S + L movement guide system. This means that it has an S-shaped section for the back, while the L shaped section is where you can put your hips and legs. The total length of the guide rail is 125cm, covering a large area. The user can monitor their shoulder position according to their body shape through smart shoulder detection technology.

The chair also has airbags that wrap around the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. The airbags inflate, applying pressure on different parts of the body and then deflate to help with blood circulation. This relieves stress and fatigue from the body, helping the user relax.

The massage chair also uses graphene heating technology, with a dedicated button to activate the heating mechanism. It takes just about 10 seconds for you to feel the heat on your waist and back.

Finally, as for the various types of massages, this chair comes with 6 different types of classical massages, but you can also add your own massage program if you like. There are 3 massage areas, 3 different speed ranges and many other configurable peripherals.

It all comes in one piece and doesn’t need any installation, just plug and play. The back of the chair comes with a roller for easy movement around the house.

The Momoda Smart AI Full Body Massage Chair is now in the crowdfunding campaign for the price of $950. It is expected to start shipping by July 27.

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