Huawei Removes Lockscreen Ads Plaguing P-Series Phones

A few days ago, Huawei users complained about seeing hyperlinked ads on their lock screens. The ads were for an online hotel booking website and the handsets affected were P30 Pro, P20, P20 Lite, Honor 10, and P20 Pro in the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, and Germany.

Angry users complained that the ads showed up without a prior warning or announcement. Initially, Huawei said the ads had nothing to do with the company but after several complaints from users and rants on twitter, Huawei ended up solving the issue.

Huawei’s Statement

At first, Huawei did not acknowledge that it’s a mistake and said in a tweet,

The ads are not initiated by Huawei. We encourage individuals to check app settings or follow publicly available directions on how to remove lock screen ads.

Later, correcting itself, Huawei issued another statement. The company’s U.S public relations team was unaware that the company’s cloud team was testing ads with the magazine app service.

Huawei said,

The lock screen images on our servers were inadvertently published, these have been removed and should no longer be appearing. Images that downloaded to devices can be deleted by sliding up from the bottom edge of the screen until the operation toolbar appears, then click the “delete” button and then “remove” in the confirmation window. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Having ads on your phone’s lock screen is intrusive and also results in removing the customizations you have made. People had a valid reason to be upset. However, Huawei solved the issue on time and saved its boat from further damage.

  • Stupid company dont even now that they put ads themselves.Looks like with android ban brain drain is already happening in Huawei. Infinix is better compared to Huawei.

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