Punjab Govt Raises Metro Bus Fares

In accordance with the new provincial budget, Metro bus fares have been increased to PKR 30 from PKR 20 by the Punjab government, effective from July 1st.

The increase in the Metro bus fares was proposed by the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) which sought the new fares to be set at PKR 30 and in this regard, a summary to the Punjab cabinet was sent by PMTA.

According to sources, the government’s subsidy to the service will fall by PKR 800 million with an increase of PKR 10 in Metro bus fares.

Via Pakistan Today

  • Well, when every fare is increasing why not metro?
    And its just the beginning,
    Welcome to New Pakistan!
    Where are people to Thanks Imran Khan?

    • well you should visit karachi where the over crowded non air conditioning and totally unsafe mini bus is charging more than 20 rupees for the pethathic service

      • Agreed me FSD se 1st Time gya tha Metro k Baad aur heraan tha k 20 Rs is too much less jo 20 de sakty wo 50 b de dein gay While
        Govt is doing at Rs 30 only

  • Are you in your right mind?! What do you mean by “jo 30 dete hain wo 50 bhi de ge”. Ghareeb ki jaib me kuch dekha nai jata tum jahilo se, metro is only used by the lower class population yet you want them to pay more?! Subsidies should be given to the lower and charged from the uper class, not what Imran Khan is doing, which is the exact opposite

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